EURUSD Forex Forecast (12 — 16 November 2012)

Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week — 12 — 19 November 2012, based on the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategy forex website

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Analyze closing the week on important price levels in the chart of the Euro-dollar.

1) The week closed spark sales above background orange channel

2) closed Friday’s candle also spark sales (almost at the minimum of the day), but the retest background blue channel

Looking at the close of the week, we can not say that there has been a turn up and formed a reversal combination. It does not, but still there are signals to stop prices and at least to undo or correct: MACD divergence on the H4 + small retreat and close the week above background orange channel.

Now let’s try to look at the market objective view, so as not to be bound to any of the priorities for the movement of prices.

And look at the important resistance levels for the price movement above the closing price of the week:

1) The bottom line is blue channel (it used to be the background.)

As long as the price does not break it up, and it is desirable to close the day above it will retest + desirable top-down its bottom line, I would consider buying the final did not. That is until this signal can be assumed that the upward movement will continue in the framework of the figures continue the movement — the flag.

If this price is testing the channel line-up from the bottom and there is a daily close below the channel — is a signal to sell.

Also note that at the level of the blue channel line is the level of 38.2% Fibonacci of the medium-last Friday. So this is also the level of resistance to upward movement.

2) Red Line Channel — upper. Can serve as a temporary resistance to move up and down. The principle is the same.

3) The accumulation of Fibonacci 38.2% of red and blue dotted Fibonacci. This signal can also be matched with a purple trend line.

4) The purple line trend.

See it retest the sample + top — as a signal to buy. Approach and retreat from the bottom or agreement with the accumulation of Fibonacci levels as a signal for the sales.

5) Pink line trend

6) The accumulation of Fibonacci 61.8% of red and blue dotted flowers.

7) The green line channel long-term, talked about it many times, and with respect to its interests us above all closing days and weeks!

8) The upper limit of the blue channel

9) Black line channel long-term. Spoke at length about her in the past forex forecasts. Is interested in closing days and weeks!

Important resistance levels for prices that are located below the closing price of the week:

1) Background orange channel, while the closing price was higher than a week, but it is still possible retest.

We are also interested in is closing days and weeks on this channel! At this point, there is divergence on the MACD and H4 occurred if small but a retreat from the trend line. The best signal to enter the market to buy from this line — after the formation of topping, rock candle day.

Break down is quite possible (No confirmation signals to turn up, they are but weak)! Moreover, if we get a daily close below the upper boundary of the channel and possibly retest of this line from the bottom-up, then consider options for further sales.

2) Red Line Canal + 50% Fibonacci + 161.8% Fibonacci of the green channel. This supposedly attainable prices stop or at least hang for retest punched orandevogo channel up.

3) 61.8% Fibonacci of the total upward.

4) long-term top line blue channel — just interested in closing days and weeks about her!

At this point, the whole outlook on EURUSD …

Download a template for MetaTrader 4 for EURUSD — 11_11_2012_eurusd.tpl (in the archive. If the trend line does not coincide with the schedules of the forecast, then reformats them according to pictures in the forecast)

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