EURUSD Forex Forecast (17 — 21 December 2012)

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EURUSD forex trading forecast for the next week — 17 — 21 December 2012 (based on the graphical analysis of forex rules, as well as graphic strategies and patterns of this site)

Analysis EURUSD — a brief analysis of the price movement on the euro-dollar trading over the past week:

1) The week closed white «confident» candle shop, almost a week at above: the channel flag, black and blue long-term trend lines and almost at the maximum proposed flag (pre rewriting it.)

2) Friday also closed candle purchase.

3) The price went up to an important level — 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the entire downward movement with a maximum of 4 May 2011. Although the rebound from this level we have seen on the top of the flag formed. And the price may well go further — to a level of 50%

4) Shape Flag — is of course a continuation of movement, that is expected to trend upwards, but are present in the chart and forex signals to stop the price (eg Wolfe Wave) including quite possible rollback prices down for at least the retest level is broken.

Now let’s look at all the levels of resistance, as well as the patterns formed on the schedule at this point, and define priorities for future price movements.

Primarily on H4 formed a bearish Wolfe Wave — this is a possible 1st buy signal:

1. Price came into the sweet-zone, so to review transactions on sale, you need to wait for it to return below the 1-3-5 or even better breakdown and retest the gray line of the rising channel trendline + purple!

2. Price has broken black line of the channel and the purple trend line up, we got a close above them, but still the price may open with a gap down or drastically go below these lines, I have these options can not be excluded. Especially since the closing of the year «on the nose» …

I attach also a longer-term pattern (at the end of the forecast) and the image (note that the line of the forecast and the long-term pattern may be different in color!)

3. Retest the resistance level is broken, we have not received yet, so setbacks are possible.

As for me, I think that the priority of shopping there today and buy further opportunities, but also setbacks may also be at least a retest and validate these purchases!

Next, consider the options of the resistance and sell signals that are located above the closing price of the week:

1) The accumulation of Fibonacci extensions + 138.2% 161.8% + red + blue channel line trend line — quite possible hang down.

2) The upper limit of the red channel + blue trend line + black border of the channel — is quite possible retreat from the lines at the close of the day + spark spread, consider further sales. Break the black line of the channel, closing the day above + retest — consider options for further purchases.

3) brown retest of the channel + maybe it is 50% blue channel — is interested in closing the day on this line. If we get a reversal candle — consider options sales.

Next do not see the levels of resistance, as it implies that the price on so suddenly just will not do.

Options forex signals located below the closing price of the week:

1) purple line trend — namely the closure of the day care on this line. If there is a rebound in the daily chart after its retest + candle shop — it is a signal for further purchases. The breakdown of this trendline retest + — consider further sales.

2) Pink line channel (its retest) + purple — the same signal.

3) The level of 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the move up Thursday-Friday + gray trend line drawn from the maxima of the flag + red trend line — consider shopping on retest, at least temporarily. Approximately at the same level passes and a blue long line, so we are interested in closing days and weeks about her!

4) Break the red channel line + gray + retest its bottom-up — there may well be selling at least to the black line of the channel.

5) Black line long-term downtrend channel (+ maybe it will be one of the lines: pink or red) — can hang up and purchase, especially if locked day candle purchase.

Break the black line down the long-term channel + + daily close below the retest — consider options sales!

6) the upper boundary of the channel flag (blue channel behind), the breakdown down — consider options sales at its retest of the bottom-up.

7) 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the entire up move with a minimum of 7 December 2012.

8) uplink channel black + would probably be the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of it all the same upward movement or 38.2% of the total rising after retest orange channel. In the approach to the channel hang up possible (since it is the third approach to the channel), at least temporarily, although I guess that the breakdown is possible. Interested closing H4 candles, and better days, if there is a breakdown in the daily chart + retest of the bottom-up — consider further sales.

9) The green line channel long-term — care is on its closing day, to determine the future prospects of the currency pair Euro-dollar.

10) The red line is the long-term trend — the same way. The breakdown of this line on D1-W1 — sales!

11) The level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the entire up move up after retest channel orange background.

12) The lower limit of the flag.

13) Orange channel background.

These 2 levels now, just as a guide for sale, so to describe them separately will not, although the same approach …

Download a template for MetaTrader 4 on EURUSD:

pattern prediction — 16_12_2012_eurusd.tpl

Wolfe Wave pattern — ww151212.tpl

long-term pattern — dolgosrochniy_eurusd.tpl

All templates in the archive. If the trend line does not coincide with the schedules of the forecast, then reformats them according to pictures in the forex forecast for the euro-dollar

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