EURUSD Forex Forecast (2 — 6 July 2012)


EURUSD Forex Forecast and video forecast for the week: 2 — 6 July 2012

As always, we analyze the closure last week on important resistance levels for prices, as well as the closure of the Month:

1) As you’ve probably already noticed, on Friday we closed the monthly candle June: white candle, though it is in the bottom of the previous black candle and at this point, like a candle all the same correction to the previous movement, but it was such a close type of candle fastest correction will take longer.

2) But it should be noted that the month is closed still below the red trendline long term

3) In this week closed a confident buying candles, white with a tail at the bottom, that is, candles sliding door stop up.

As for me, I think the priority for future purchases at this point is present, despite the fact that the day and the week closed below the red trendline long term. But while the slightest setbacks can be interpreted as a signal for future purchases, with the breakdown of the red line.

And of course the sales as long as we can not completely rule until the price broke through the red trend line and not above it snaps …

Now consider the most significant levels above the closing price on Friday of the market for transactions for buying and selling:

1) Red Line long-term trend — in fact it occurred on Friday for a retest of deals to sell, the price strayed down, but how will this rebound is significant is difficult to say. Since the monthly, weekly and daily candle closed Friday candlelight shopping!

Consequently rolled down the course is possible, but also possible further breakdown of this trend line upwards. Hence the closure of H4 candle above the trend line in red + long-term it may retest the top-down — a buy signal with the immediate goal — purple retest the trend line and then the top line of pink background channel.

2) After the breakdown of the purple down trend line and its retest was not yet suspected of it can hang down, such as a broken red retest the trend line. Also on this level, you may receive an additional signal — maximum Census June 18, 2012.
Break the line up and retest the top-down — a signal for purchases with a view — the top line of the channel at a minimum.

3) The upper channel line of pink. The approach first — you can try to sell it.

4) is especially good if the line of the channel pink matches the blue trend line, then it is doubly good for sales. Break up the same and possibly retest of the trend line — the signal for purchases with the immediate goal — the top line of brown + channel presumably the level of 61.8% Fibonacci (1.29).

5) And the last point on this level of resistance — long blue line of the upper channel + expected level of 61.8 of the total traffic in the background niskhodyashego blue channel — 1.30. Break and closing of the day, but better a week above this trendline + retest his own top-down — a signal to buy EURUSD.

Options transactions in the sale and purchase, below the closing price of the week:

1) If the price falls again below the brown line of the channel and the channel is testing a bottom-up — you can try to sell, stop-loss — above the red trendline. Also on Friday there was a retest brown line just to buy!

2) If the price is still down below, the next level, from which we can try to buy — retest the trend line of black + possible level of 38.2% of the upward movement of Thursday-Friday of last week — 1.2583.

If the price falls below the black line of the channel and there it retest the bottom-up, it’s just a signal to sell.

3) The level of 1.2515 — 61.8% Fibonacci of the upward movement of the latter. If this price level above the black suits of the channel and coincides with this line — that we buy. If this level is the price fits within the channel — the rebound from this level can primarily to retest black upper channel line-up from the bottom at least.

4) retest the blue trend line downward from top to bottom — forex signal to buy. Especially good if the retest of this level occurs with the approach to the bottom line price channel pink background.

5) The Pink Channel — the bottom line of his approach from the top — the purchase, the sample down and retest the bottom-up — a signal to sell.

6) The black line is the channel bottom — the same option.

7) Light green trend line — and its possible retest for purchase.

8 ) The green line channel long-term! — Talked about it in the past forex forecasts

Well, on this line until the channel and stop our forecast. Because I think the price so dramatically below it for a week does not go away.

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