EURUSD Forex forecast (23 — 27 July 2012)


EURUSD forex trading forecast for next week: 23 — July 27, 2012

1) week closed a confident sales of candles, a little below the low of last week

2) Note that the price is almost an entire week trying to go up, but considering that after the formation of several pneumatic plugs up the price and could not move above the high of Thursday, then on Friday there was a turn down. And about this, I turn all possible, and warned on Friday morning …

3) closed Friday as a confident sales of candles, a little below the green line of the long-term trend!

All of this suggests that the priority for sales remains quite possibly the next week and will continue selling.

4) But there is a signal to buy — the divergence of MACD on D1, well, there is still divergence and MACD on W1 currency pair EURUSD.

This means that the price at any time and can still move up … therefore exclude options purchases, too, is impossible.

Now let’s consider the most important resistance levels for prices and find possible forex signals for buying and selling.

  • Although, frankly, a lot of lines on the road for the movement of prices downwards and upwards, hence the possible variations on them and rebound on both sides, so it is better to pay for important trend line — long and medium term.

Significant levels above the closing price of the week:

1) The price broke through and tested the long green line down the channel, we got it close below this line, so it is likely the continuation of a downward spiral, especially since the trend is dominated by top-down.

Therefore, if, after the market opens on Monday, there is no sudden movements and the week is opened without the big gaps, we can consider the option of selling on the green trend line.

2) Brown the trend line if price breaks it happens retest — you can also sell as the price of that line several times struggled upward.

3) Below are many levels of resistance in the form of a cluster of Fibonacci extensions, buy from them would still not recommend, but here it is possible to hang up, down to retest the trend line of brown or green long.

4) The black line is the lower channel + may increase the level of 161.8% Fibonacci of the last corrective movement along the boundaries of a background of blue channel (pink Fibonacci).

5) The lower red line channels + possible level of 261.8% Fibonacci retracement from the brown.

6) The bottom line is the background of blue channel

7) The blue line is the lower long-term channel.

The signals of 5-7, the approach to the level of + any confirming signals, such as Fibonacci extensions and just need to pay attention to the divergence of MACD — buy or wait and buy a rebound on rebound, with a stop loss below the low of the closing of the day lights out. If there is a breakdown of the channel — signals are considering for sale, if it is desirable to retest the same bottom-up channel.

8 ) The red line long term — as long as we consider only the purchase. Although the situation is similar — the breakdown and the closing weeks of following it, I think it will be possible to sell …

Significant levels below the closing price of the Week

Above the green line of the channel as much resistance levels, so try to pay attention to the most important level!

1) If the price goes higher on Monday, the green trend line is not particularly sharp, then we can consider the option of selling to a combination of «flag + ABC» if it is formed as a downward spiral on Friday was a sharp and possibly a flagpole. At this point, the selling price 1.2192, but if the minimum point in the update, the price may change … Again, try to pay attention on the perfect flag when something is wrong, then do not make sense to sell.

2) retest the green channel lines from top to bottom — buying — the signal is still in force, although as far as I will not say because it all depends on when the sample and retest occurs. It is particularly important with respect to the line to wait for the closure of the day, well, better than — a week!

3) Lilac trend line — retest of bottom-up approach — a variant of the transaction to sell, especially if it happens with the retest: red, black, blue line of the channel or the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the whole movement down last week. Breakdown and possible retest of the same trend line above the black line of the channel — option to buy.

4) Red Line Channel + 61.8% Fibonacci — selling, top-down retest after breakdown — a buy signal, although it can be said not sure, as best seen previously, or did buy this line (below) or after Closing date above the black line of the channel.

5) The upper black line channels — the situation is similar to paragraph (4).

6) The gray line is the channel of course important, but not particularly important. Therefore, it is better to retest upwards viewed as a signal to sell only in the presence of some more important signals (eg Fibonacci).

7) The top line of the blue background channel — an approach to it — a third, then down and rebound may again call attention to the Fibonacci levels. The breakdown of the same line and retest the top-down — a signal for further purchases!

8 ) The top line of the blue channel — similar to item (7)

9) retest the bottom-up pink background channel — the signal for the sales, even if temporary. Although the channel is also important. Break it up and retest the top-down — we buy.

10) The red line is a long-term trend — is still in force, but very interested in closing the day or week, about her. The situation is similar to paragraph (9).

11) The blue line is a long-term channel to describe the situation will not, because a lot of time talking about her in the past forex forecasts on this site …

Here at this point and all forex signals, which I can describe it.

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