EURUSD Forex forecast (25 — 29 June 2012)

EURUSD forex trading forecast for next week: 25 — 29 June 2012, according to the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategies forex this site

First of all, analyze the closure last week on important resistance levels for prices:

1) week closed the sale of black candles and a little of the red below the long-term trend line. And at W1 did we get this retest the line for the bottom-up sales.

2) Last week there was a breakdown of the pink channel and closed a week below this channel.

3) It should also be noted that next week, will close on Friday of the month. Based on this possible «surprises» in the next week. At this point a month looks like a white candlestick, but still prone to closing within a correction to the previous month, candle black, of course, if most of this month will not be overwritten.

In my opinion there is still the priority of sales, but exclude purchases of options certainly will not.

The most important (in my opinion) at this point, channels and the trend line:

1) The red line is a long-term trend, given that it was broken on the daily chart several times, then we are interested in it now only on the weekly chart and the price will behave exactly in this interval, relative to it. A close below it — the priority of sales there! Closing the week above it — you can view and purchase options.

2) the 2nd largest — brown canal and closing prices relative to it. At this point, it is for a retest of sales.

3) The Pink Channel — retest it is still possible in the presence of additional signals, it will be a variant of the transaction for the sale.

All the other trend lines and channels are of secondary importance in relation to the 3-m above!

Now let’s consider the options of levels and lines of resistance for both transactions to buy and to sell higher priced market close on Friday:

1) First of all, at this moment the price is slightly below the trend line of brown (brown channel) — it’s certainly an option for the sale, but considering that the two were still retest on Friday and the price did not go down, and again returned to the same channel line , it is quite possible the fastest and the breakdown of this line up and move to the next level of resistance

Moreover, if we look carefully, at the minimum of movement on Friday, we formed a small triangle expanding on the assumption that this pattern is usually a reversal, it is quite possible, and move up.

2) A next level of resistance — a pink line channel and retest. Price broke through this channel rapidly and did not return to it, hence the retest still quite possible, again this is an option for sales, in the presence of an important Fibonacci level, for example. If the price does not bounces down after retest, and returned to the pink channel, then I probably would not consider buying, before closing the day above the 76.4% Fibonacci of the last downward movement and + above the red line of the long-term trend. Approximately the same levels and have the top line of the blue channel, ie, its breakdown and retest from top to bottom — ideal for shopping.

3) If the price goes higher still, the next level — the orange line is the upper maximum of + the census of last week, but since the canal was built the orange line is not particularly clear, then hang up, just as it seems to me not very definite, then forex signal is a kind of «blurred.»

4) Well, the most significant level of rebound down, at least temporarily — it is still dark blue trend line + 138.2% Fibonacci extension of the Fibonacci + it is possible to brown the channel (the upper line).

5) In the same way as in the previous forex forecast, we are interested in even and level of 61.8% Fibonacci — 1.29

6) And the last level — the top line of the blue long-term channel.

If, nevertheless, the price goes below the price the market close on Friday:

1) Despite the fact that the rebound up and breakdown of the brown line of the channel still quite possible we do not exclude the option of sales, the level of market close on Friday and further downward movement. Since the brown channel as quite significant, and its price is still testing for sales. Of course the best option — is to wait for the market opens on Monday and if the opening is a gap or a sudden movement to one side — the deal makes no sense to wait. And if after all the market opens below the brown line, then you can consider options for selling, but if the price breaks through the channel up and wait for the retest the channel from the top down to close the transaction for the sale of zero.

2) If the price goes down, the census is low on Friday and it is desirable to retest the blue line of the channel bottom-up — this is a signal for further downward movement of the next target — the level of 61.8% Fibonacci (1.2630).

3) The level of 61.8% Fibonacci (1.2630) — it is possible to hang up, as is the level of the total upward movement upwards. To reach the price — not yet clear, but it is quite possible that the rebound will not be significant or vice versa the price will go higher — to the long-term trend line of red and even higher. While I still lean toward option, the price will go down further … But to lose sight of this level can not be the same.

4) Well, the next level — it’s still the census on 1 June and a minimum bottom line long-term green channel.

That’s all the options forex signals on EURUSD and resistance levels at this point, consider the next move down, at this point, until I …

Original: EURUSD Forex forecast (25 — 29 June 2012)

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