EURUSD Forex Forecast (27-31 August 2012)


Weekly Forex EURUSD forecast for 27-31 August 2012

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As always, we analyze how close the week with respect to important price levels for the currency pair EURUSD:

1) The week closed white candles, above the blue line of the channel, which retest the purchase we received last week.

2) Friday closed the black candles, whose body has absorbed the candle body Thursday.

3) The next week will be closed the month of August 2012, hence on its closure will depend on the further perspective on the movement of EURUSD. Well, this fact suggests that next week, especially to its end possible «surprises.»

If we talk about priorities in general, it is difficult to say where the price is more inclined to move, as a sharp rebound down from the critical level of 38.2% Fibonacci we got last week (on the green dotted Fibonacci), although still a retreat from the lilac Canal + has been obtained since the price is still a corrective movement to the movement in the channel and the background is dark blue above the channel said the priority for movement up and down but there are many levels of resistance. On this basis will be considered, as always, 2 options transactions on important resistance levels for the price of the euro-dollar.

Options forex signals for buying and selling at above the closing price of the week:

1) Break the dotted brown + channel up to retest — a buy signal. Accordingly, another approach to the line of the channel inside and rebound — a signal to sell.

2) The upper line of purple channel. Given that it will be the 4th approach to it, the breakdown is more likely, however closing sliding door stop candle inside the channel — consider options sales. Besides possible emergence of divergence on MACD H4. The breakdown of this line and retest channel top-down — a signal to buy.

3) The top line of brown + channel maybe it will retest the green channel on the last move up last week, + purple trend line (which is also a serious enough line). With bottom-up approach — considering options for selling. In the breakdown of closing up and preferably H4-D1 candles consider options for shopping and is especially good if the retest.

4) The blue line is the long-term channel upper + possible 23.6% Fibonacci retracement of the recent downward trend, with a maximum of 4 May 2011. A similar situation: an approach from below — are considering selling, sample and retest or just above the sample and the closing day candle — are considering a purchase.

5) Red long-term trend line — interested in is closing days and weeks about her.

Next consider the options of resistance levels will not, as long as they are considered in the past forex forecasts and are not as big a chance that the price will reach them next week.

Options transactions for the purchase and sale, located below the closing price of the week:

1) 38.2% Fibonacci of the last upward movement last week retest of the top line + flag + bottom line dotted brown channel — consider options for the purchase.

2) Retest the blue channel + level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the upward movement last week. Break down the channel and retest — are considering selling.

3) Brown the lower channel line — may be temporary otboi up, although the breakdown is more likely. If it’s on time and will be the level of 38.2% of the upward movement with a minimum of 24 July 2012 — that hang up and quite possibly the most likely to move up. If the price breaks the channel down and brown it is desirable to retest and closed H4-D1 candle below this channel, you can consider options for sales!

4) Purple line (continued top line of the triangle) — can hang up, at least temporarily. Sample and retest of the trend line — consider options transactions on the sale.

5) Bottom line lilac channel — quite possible hang up, but given that this line is the channel has not yet been tested by a 2nd time, it is possible and its breakdown. Confirming the presence of signals, you can try to buy, but preferably after the formation of sliding door stop combination. In the breakdown and retest — consider options sales!

6) The level of 61.8% of the last upward movement with a minimum of 24 July 2012.

7) The lower boundary of the violet channel — Ability to stop and hang up prices.

8 ) The lower boundary of the background of blue channel — quite a serious signal to retreat from that line in the presence of confirming signals, especially on the D1 or W1. The breakdown of the channel line and retest — opens the way for the transaction to sell.

9) The lower boundary of the green channel + possible and brown — as a serious signal to hang up. Breakdown and a retest of the channel lines — move down the most likely!

Keep it the same levels do not see the reason is the same — they have already been reviewed in the last forecast forex website + do not think that the price for the following week so far to fall …

Download a template for MT4 Forex forecast for EURUSD — 26_08_2012_eurusd.tpl (this pattern is first necessary to extract and place in MT4: If you «get off» trend lines, channels, reformats them according to pictures in the forecast)

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