EURUSD Forex Forecast (April 1-5, 2013)


Weekly forex EURUSD forecast for next trading week — April 1-5, 2013, based on the rules and graphical analysis of forex, strategy forex graphics of this site

Policy brief analyzes the closing weeks of EURUSD, relatively important resistance levels:

1) First of all, last week closed the month of March:

Closing we got black candles with interchangeable tails above and below the body, but the closure obtained above the black line of the channel long-term.

2) The week also closed the black candles with equal tails on top and bottom, presumably spark further downward movement.


3) Candle Friday — white candle uncertainty.

Based on this I want to make the assumption that the priorities of sales still present in the W1 and MN interval. This is evidenced by the breakdown of a long-term trend of the red line, its retest of last week, no divergence MACD, absorption candles week.

But please note that the price down is not very willingly moves after breaking down brown channel. Therefore exclude rebound up at least within the correction can not be unambiguously, especially since the closing price within the black line of the channel long-term, from which hang up still possible.

Just for Catholics on Monday holiday — «Easter Monday», so on this day possible, «stagnation» in the market. Unless of course he suddenly opened with a gap.

Now let’s look at the levels of resistance, the movement of the price above the closing price of the week:

EURUSD Forex Forecast (April 1-5, 2013)

1) A black dotted line is the long-term trend (parallel to the black channel) held by a maximum of 1.4942.

Break up, a daily close above + retest — a buy signal. Retest of the bottom-up — can hang down.

2) 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of blue dotted

3) The blue line is the trend: an approach from below — can hang down, breaking up and retest — a buy signal

4) The upper limit of the violet channel — can hang down, breaking up + desirable closing H4-D1 + retest above — a buy signal.

5) 61.8% Fibonacci or blue + signal (3) or (4)

6) Orange line trend: retest the bottom — a sell signal, especially if the price is suitable to the level of 38.2% Fibonacci green. Break up trendline + retest — a buy signal.

7) The background blue channel — interest relative to the closing of the day.

Then do not see the levels of resistance, as they are described in detail in the past, forex forecast for EURUSD.

The resistance levels are located below the closing price of the week:

Weekly EURUSD Forex Forecast

1) A black line of the channel, the approach above + release — a buy signal. Break down + daily close below the desired retest the bottom — a sell signal.

2) Lilac lower channel line — is the third approach, so hang up is quite possible, especially if the price will come to the line at the 61.8% Fibonacci purple.

Interested in the same closing date, the level of Fibonacci.

3) The green trend line — just interested in closing the day with respect to it, in the first approach at least a temporary rebound is possible. If there is a breakdown, closing the day below and retest the bottom — a sell signal.

4) Orange channel background + gray long-term trend line.

Just as interested in closing days and weeks regarding it. The first approach — the most likely rebound, at least temporarily.

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