EURUSD Forex Forecast (February 25 — March 1, 2013)


EURUSD Weekly Forex forecast: February 25 — March 1, 2013, specifying the levels of resistance to price signals and therefore, forex, rule-based graphical analysis of forex

Brief analysis of the closing weeks of the currency pair EURUSD:

1) The week closed with black candles, orange channel below, which shows the beginning of the correction to all the traffic in the channel, that is just upstream from the minimum of 1.2042. Still, as long as the price is above the long blue line of the channel, which still talks about a possible move up after release from the line.

2) Next week, we closed a month — on Thursday, this time the monthly candle looks like a candle absorption for sale and if a significant rollback does not take place, the priorities of sales still remain!

3) Day Friday closed candles orange retest of the channel for sale, although almost equivalent tails on both sides. it also speaks of a possible pullback up, at least to retest the orange channel.

Resistance levels for the price of which is located above the closing price of the week:

1) The purple trend line — the approach from the bottom and hang — move down, it is likely, if not gaps at the opening of the market, as it is the third approach prices and at least a temporary rebound is possible.

Line break also the most likely to occur, as there is divergence on the MACD H1 and I personally assume that the price is quite possibly come to retest the orange channel.

2) Orange Line Canal — try it happened last week and there was not enough to retest D1, but as the line is serious enough, it might retest it again on H1-H4 and even D1, so if there is a retest and the day closes lights out — it is a signal to sell.

When viewed from the perspective of graphical analysis, samples orange line — is a signal for the sales and falling prices, too, have much, but considering that the channel is long enough, it is quite possible, and return to it, and a month before it … Diver course only on H1 signal correction of the price, but how it will be prolonged for all the latest move down is not known.

Of course, I tend to sales, but exclude the possibility of returning to the channel, one can not!

Hence the return back to the channel, a daily close above the trend line + retest — it’s still a signal to buy.

3) The red trend line, especially if it is a level of 38.2% black Fibonacci. Approach from below — sell signal at least a temporary suppose to retest the orange channel after the break up. Break up the Red Line + retest — a buy signal.

4) Brown Line Canal + upper level of 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of black — a signal to sell. Break up the channel + dotted blue channel retest — a buy signal.

5) The blue trend line — an important line in my opinion, so if you approach from the bottom + coincide in time, will be an additional signal — the level of 38.2% Fibonacci Green — is a signal to sell, at least temporarily. Line break + daily close above the retest — a buy signal.

6) 61.8% Fibonacci green

7) retest pink background — Most interested in closing the day on this line if the lights out — a signal to sell. If breakdown and retest the top — a buy signal.

8) Purple + trend line level of 61.8% of the downward movement (Fibonacci Blue) — a signal to sell, or at least stop prices continue forward pivot combination.

The breakdown of this line + daily close above it + retest — a buy signal.

Variants of the resistance when the price moves down:

1) The brown line channels — price up to her already three times last week, ripe Divergence MACD, so there was a rebound, but if the price goes down, we still assume that the breakdown channel. Hence the sample and retest — a signal for future sales.

2) Blue background canal — the closure of the day care on this channel, but hang up is possible. Break down and retest — a signal to move down, but next week it’s not really a good sign, as the line is almost flat at 38.2 and hang up the most probable.

3) The next level of resistance is the most important — is the level of 38.2% Fibonacci purple from all the upward movement, especially if it matches brown and retest channel top-down + blue background channel.

At this level it is recommended to record sales, if not all, still a large part, as the most likely rebound.

4) If the price is still on the rebound after Fibonacci goes down, the next level — the black line channel. Interested closing days and weeks on this line!

4) There are intermediate levels, and the line between the signals (2) and (3), but by and large it is interested in the medium term: D1-W1-MN. That is, on how these candles will be closed to make a decision on the priority of transactions. This long-term trend line blue, red and purple line long term trend (retest flag, although it is the least important of the 3).

I assume that lower the price of the next week is not exactly fall, so do not see the levels further.

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