EURUSD Forex Forecast (October 1-5, 2012)

Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week — October 1-5, 2012, which is based on rules and graphical analysis of the forex strategies graphics on this site:

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On Friday, the month of September was closed, therefore analyze a month, week, day, Friday, on important price levels on EURUSD.

1) The month closed white combination, but with a long tail from above, the candle of the month has tested the strength of the dark blue trend line and closed below this line, which of course gives the signal for future sales!

2) On the weekly chart we got orange retest channel from the top down and got the rebound, the candle of the week closed above the channel. But despite the all-clear from the orange channel, while moving up, we just did not get …

3) Friday closed besieged by dark blue trend line long, and below purple trend line (after 3 last post), which can also talk about the priority for sales.

The final outcome of the following signals, it is difficult to say for sure where the price will move in the next month, but I personally make the assumption that there is still a priority of sales, but eventually I would want to talk about sales after closing weekly candle below 2 important resistance levels: long-term trend line red + blue upper channel line.

Closing day long above the blue line the fastest way to open a maximum census September 17, 2012, or the correction of all the upward movement of this maximum, but in any case way up — to the maximum open census, or at least to approach this maximum.

While important, the key levels I have described are not punched and we do not have daily or weekly closing candle above these levels, we will consider the options of buying and selling on the important levels above and below the closing price of the week.

Options signals forex EURUSD above the closing price of the week:

1. Given that the price still broke on Friday purple trend line, the first level of resistance — is its retest of the bottom-up. Perceive it as an option to sell, unless the market is not going away sharply after opening and can not be opened with a gap in one of the parties. To purchase this level should be tested from top to bottom after breaking up + if there are additional signals for entry into the market.

2. Small lilac + channel desirable level of 38.2 or 61.8 Fibonacci of the move down Friday. + Also it can be a gray channel as an additional signal to sell if the price for this test, and magenta channel.

3. Gray channel — try it up and retest the top-down — consider options purchases.

4. Blue long-term trend line — the approach from below and retest it — consider selling and desirable when closing the day below it. Break up + retest top-down + retest — consider options for shopping, again closing H4-D1 candle above it!

5. Brown Line Canal + level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the last move down from a maximum of 17 September 2012: an approach from below — consider options sales. Break up the brown line of the channel + and retest its additional signals (such as Fibonacci) — consider options purchases.

6. Census maximum 17 September — look at the situation when prices approach: sharp census — can roll back down, the price does not reach the maximum and «freezes,» forms an important extremum and rolls back slightly — you can put a buy stop with the immediate goal — a green long-term and beyond.

7. Green upper channel line long: an approach from below — are considering sales options (since it’s the third approach is the price) + desirable additional signals. Breakdown, closing day of the week and better + retest (if you will) — consider options for shopping!

Options forex signals on the price movement of EURUSD below the close of the week:

1. The green trend line + top line of orange links — as we approach the top — consider varainty shopping, sample the green line and retest — are considering selling, although it is better to do it the long red below.

2. Orange Line Canal + red (if this approach will occur near the end of the week) — consider the purchase, breakdown and daily close below these lines + retest — are considering selling, although the goals are not particularly big … — the level of 38.2% Fibonacci

3. Red long-term trend line — interested in is closing H4-D1 spark about her.

4. Bottom line is the gray level of 61.8 + channel from moving up with a minimum of 5 September 2012, or the level of 38.2% of the move up from the low of July 24, 2012 — consider options purchases.

5. Brown Line Canal + same Fibonacci levels — consider just buying breakdown brown line + retest of the bottom-up — consider options sales.

6. The blue line is the long-term channel retest its top — consider buying (desirable confirming signals), and closing down the breakdown of the day, and the best week retest + — consider selling.

While this entire outlook on the Euro-dollar next week. Do not forget to independently analyze the market, according to the rules of forex charting week and find signals for entry into the market.

That’s all the forex forecast for the week. Do not forget to make a prediction for myself during the week + to monitor the situation on the EURUSD in the comments to this forecast.

download the template forex forecast for MetaTrader 4 for EURUSD — 30_09_2012_eurusd.tpl (previously to decompress and put in the MT4 terminal or download the chart: If you «get off» trend lines, channels, then reformats them accordi

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