Forex Forecast EURUSD (12-16 March 2012)

As always — on Sundays, I offer you a weekly forex Forecast for EURUSD on March 12-16, 2012, as well as an analysis and review of price movements over the past week, according to the rules of charting forex, forex trading strategies of this site

Analysis EURUSD over the last week — March 5-9, 2012.

Monday — March 5

The market opens with little or no gap, after a slight lateral movement takes place on Friday blasted retest the trend line in red (broadening formation), then the price falls in the area of ​​the cluster of Fibonacci (38.2% + 61.8% Fibonacci) + divergence of MACD ( H1) and is a retreat up to the level of 38.2% from the last downward movement, with a maximum of 1 March 2012. But as we see, more money does not go, and the day closed almost at the maximum, though white candles, candle but still uncertain.

Tuesday — March 6

Price is adjusted to the level of 61.8% from yesterday’s motion, forming an intermediate minimum. But more is still to breakdown and the breakdown of the black trend line, a small retest it again and the price is testing the bottom line of the background channel and then breaks it, and not only breaks even and the gray line + channel closes gap on February 20, 2012. It then retest the gray line of the channel and the price falls to a small purple line channel + level 161.8% Fibonacci of the motion on Monday, where a black day and closes the sale of candles.

Wednesday — March 7

Price rises to the gray line of the channel and it is retest, and then updates the minimum price the last day + MACD divergence again appears on the EURUSD (H1), the price is testing the gray line of the channel again, which virtually closed and the day of white candles.

Analysis EURUSD over the last week - March 5-9, 2012

Thursday — March 8

Price breaks up a small purple channel, then the gray trend line, and then retest it is a top-down and a further upward movement, but here the price is just a background channel breaks up. The first stop we got a price in the area of ​​the cluster of Fibonacci 38.2% + 61.8% + of the downward movements in the black retest the trend line. But the price does not go down, and again several times rewrites the highs and bounces down from the level of 50% + black trend line of the whole of the last downward move. Day closed confident candle purchase.

Friday — March 9

Price is slowly going down and punches the red trend line, carried out at the last minimum of 2 days. Then the price is testing the bottom line of the background inside the channel, but up and goes away, and yet there is a breakdown of background channel down. Further, the price just pierces the gray channel FX top-down and falls to a minimum environment, where a black day and closes the sale of candles, which absorbed the previous day two white candles.
Sunday closed the sale of candles is almost at a minimum, which indicates the priority of transactions in the market.

Deal to sell:

The second week in a row of black candles closed the sale, and movement to a minimum of 2 weeks. Hence the alleged priority of transactions is for sale! And still shopping in the correction to the downward movement can not be excluded.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week: 12-16 March 2012:

1) retest a broken line of gray channel bottom-up + possible level of fibo or 2 nd — blue line of the channel. Stop-loss — for the next Fibonacci level, or the blue line of the upper channel. Profit — the census week minimum, retest the small purple line down the channel, the red trend line, blue line of the lower channel + possible level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the total upward movement, the bottom line is expanding triangle of purple, green trend line, the red trend line is a long-term .

2) Sales from the blue line of the channel (third retest bottom-up trend line), stop-loss above the next Fibonacci level of the total downward movement. Profits — the same as in paragraph (1) for sale.

3) Light pink long-term — all as yet in force. Stop-loss — over the next Fibonacci level of the last downward move. Profits — the same as in paragraph (1), but first — retest the blue line of the channel downstream from the top down.

4) Above the maximum of the downward movement of the latter (with a maximum of 29 February 2012) — the level of 38.2% (1.35 — 1.3510) + on the possibility of long-term blue line the channel. Stop-loss — above the trend of long-term trend lines — dark pink + purple. Take-profit — light pink retest the trend line and then under paragraph (3) for sale.

5) If the price breaks above the red trend line, then sell at the closing desirable H4 candle below it, or even a day + possible on her own bottom-up retest + level is an important Fibonacci. Stop-loss — the next important Fibonacci level of the last downward move. Profit — the bottom line is expanding triangle, the green trend line, a red long-term.

6) Break and closing daily candle is below the lower line of the expanding triangle — if it is desirable to sell more and retest of the same triangle. Stop-loss — above the red trendline. Profit — the green line is the trend to continue — a red long-term.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week: 12-16 March 2012

Deal to buy the same way, only in reverse, in that only describe briefly the important levels:

1) Break and closing the candle above the blue channel, and it is desirable to retest it, stop — at least the entire downward movement (last week), profit — light pink trend line, the level of 1.35.

2) Similarly, closing the day above the candle light pink trendline + its retest, if it is — the purpose of — 1.35. Stop — is an important Fibonacci level from the latest upstream.

3) It is also an important resistance level while moving down the price is the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the total upward movement — 1.2953, stop loss — a bottom line of the expanding triangle, profit — retest the red line, if the sample is sufficiently quickly.Or an important Fibonacci level, if the level coincides with the red trend line, the goal then — maybe even a light pink and so on.

4) retest:

- The red trend line
— Expanding the bottom line of the triangle
— The green trend line
— Red lines long

Stop-loss — for the next level of resistance in the course of price movements, or an important Fibonacci level, profit — the next resistance level at prices rebound.

That’s all for this moment forex forecast, let’s see whether the «surprises» on the movement of prices in the next week, but at least at this point, identified all resistance levels forex trading that are important in my opinion. Just do not forget to monitor the situation and look for suitable combinations and forex signals during the week — as the price movement.

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