Forex Forecast EURUSD (13-17 February 2012)

Weekly analytical review EURUSD + forex forecast for next week EURUSD — 13-17 February 2012 in accordance with the forex strategies of this website and graphical analysis, as well as forex strategy Alexei Loboda, as described in the video course «Safe forex»

Analysis EURUSD over the last week — 6 — February 10, 2012.

Monday — February 6

Week opens with a gap down almost on the border of the gray channel, there is little clear up, but the price does not cover the gap, and there is a breakdown of the channel gray and blue trend line. Then the price bounces from a black channel line up, but the third hour after the candle approach him, he still was knocked down. Price drops below, tests the same channel bottom-up, again the census low of the day and the breakdown of the same channel up. The price has not been able to upgrade at least the past week. After this, the breakdown of the black and blue trend lines, and stop only got the gray line of the channel (it retest the bottom-up). Day closed the purchase of candles, white with a small white body and long tail below.

Tuesday — February 7

Downward movement after release from the gray line of the channel, a retreat from the blue line trend upward again hang from the gray line of the channel down + closing the gap on Monday, move to the blue line, and only then is hang up, the maximum census day. Break up the background of pink channel, movement to the level of 38.2% Fibonacci (grade 1.3243), the price comes to a little light pink long-term trend line. Closing date candlesticks assured purchase.

Analysis EURUSD over the last week

Wednesday — February 8
After the consolidation of the price movement at the peak of the last day, the price of rewriting it, fighting off the light pink trend line several times. After that the price bounces from the level of 23.6% Fibonacci of the most recent upward movement of the week and closed at almost the price of opening day candles uncertainty.

Thursday — February 9

Price goes down and rewrites at least medium and bounces back up. At the same time on the 2nd of maximum and minimum we are building a channel and the price of breaking a light pink trend line. rises to the upper boundary of this channel. Formed divergence of MACD and the price bounces back down again — to the lower boundary of the same channel in red. again, hang up and move up within the channel, now hang from the top of the channel and then move down. Day rose as white candles of uncertainty at the maximum movement.

Friday — February 10

Price breaks pale pink trend line down, fighting off the lower boundary of the red channel, there is a retest bottom-up light pink trend line and the breakdown of the red channel down. Then the census low of the day and going down — the top line of the background channel. Where price and closed, pre-formed combination of the type ABC or flag. Day closed the black candle.

Week of closed uncertainties white candles with small tails above and below the candlestick body.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week — 13 — February 17, 2012.

In the closing weeks, we can say that the price is still strayed from the level of 38.2% + light pink trend line. But the price is still rising in the blue channel, so to say that the price is now just can not go down as the price is still above the black canal in the same way as for the upward movement we need to get a close above last weeks high.

In my opinion, the motion is possible both down and up the next week. Of course there was quite an important rebound last week, but once again, so that the movement continued down, we must first fix the breakdown and the date of closing of the channel below the blue line, and if possible a black line.
Now let’s take a closer look at important levels of resistance for the price and terms possible reversal or rebound.
Basically, today I will describe it without the precise levels of resistance levels on price and placing stop losses and profits.

Transactions on SALE:

1) Conclude a deal to sell when the price breaks the blue line the channel, possibly closing day, below the line and very good, if a retest of the same from the bottom up. Stop-loss — a broken line above + Channel as far as possible the important Fibonacci level. Profit: purple lower channel line, the level of 38.2% Fibonacci of the recent downward movement down the black line the channel, a green long-line of the channel, a light green background + red channel long-term trend line.

2) If the price is still moving upward, the sales opportunities from:
— Light green trend line
— Light pink trend line (but with a lower probability reversal)
— Purple upper channel line for the purpose of take-profit — light pink retest the trend line from the top down, and quite possibly upwards.

3) Still higher we may consider the sale of these levels (which we discussed in previous forex outlook for EURUSD):
— Blue line channels + dark pink long-term trend line
— Blue Line Canal

4) If the price still goes down, we will also consider selling options on the following levels of resistance (if breakdown and possibly retest the bottom-up:
— Purple line of the channel bottom
— Black line channel

Stop-loss orders — important for the important Fibonacci levels on the downward movement of + important trend line or channel. Profits — see clause (1) for sale.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week

Deal to BUY:

1) Break light green trend line, the stop-loss at an important Fibonacci level. Profit — light pink trend line, purple line the channel top, dark pink long-term trend line, a blue long-term upper channel line.

2) Closure of the daily candle above the light-pink trend line, the stop-loss orders — the level of Fibonacci + light green trend line profits — the same as item (1) for purchases.

3) Break the top line of the violet channel and daily candle close above it, and if possible retest of its top-down. Stop-loss is a pink, profits — the same.

4) Purchase from the blue line + channels as possible on the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the last rising + purple trend line, if the movement to them happens on Monday before noon. If a different day from the blue line of the channel, it is desirable to purchase at the closing the candle above the channel spark rebound upwards. Stop-loss — for the next Fibonacci level of the total upward movement and the possibility of a purple line of the channel. Profits — light green, light pink trend line, purple line of the channel and so on.

5) From the purple line of the channel bottom, profit — magenta trend line, blue line is pierced by the canal and its retest. Stop-loss — a level of 38.2% of the last upward movement — 1.3040 — 1.3010

6) From the following levels:
— The black line of the channel
— Dark green line of the channel long-term
— A background of green channel
— Long-term trend of the red line
— The level of 38.2% from the last rising with a minimum of a light-blue line of the channel
— The same movement, but the level of 61.8%

Stop losses — over the next while moving the resistance levels, profits — following up the price levels of resistance.

This forex signals forex forecast and approximate at this point in more detail, see the signals of the week, as the formation of any combination and rebound from the resistance levels. Just do not forget to compare varinty deals with your Money Management rules!

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