Forex forecast EURUSD (19-23 December 2011)


Forex forecast for EURUSD currency pair for next week: 19-23 December 2011 + analyst price movements on the currency pair EURUSD for the past week, according to the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategy Aleksey Loboda, described in a practical video course «Safe Forex»

Forex Analytics on EURUSD for the past week, December 12-16, 2011:


Price after the market opens on Monday, slowly but surely dropped below 2 long lines of resistance (purple and dark pink trend line) and besides, we were closing hours below these levels of resistance and low last week, which actually gave the signal for a deal to sell at the current price or lilac retest the trendline. Retest occurred and after price to try to correct the red trend line drawn through the last minimum, then there is a breakdown and the red line, and retest it continued downward movement, the price breaks a light pink and the blue trend line, with a minimum of rewriting 25.11.2011 year. On the daily chart is produced divergence MACD, daily candle closes sure spark sales of black, almost on a minimum day.


Price rewrites at least slightly on Monday and rolled up, according to the signal divergence MACD. We get rolled back to the blue, red and pink trendline + level at 23.6% Fibonacci, after which the price falls back below the blue trend line, closes below it, and rewrites the minimum, and then descends to the bottom line of the black channel. After that the price bounces up a little (again to a level of 23.6% Fibonacci of the motion Tuesday), but then falls and breaks even lower black channel and closed at 61.8% Fibonacci of the long-term movements in the weekly chart, which we discussed in the previous forex outlook for EURUSD. We get daily candle closed just black.

Forex Analytics on EURUSD for the past week


Despite the fairly serious level of Fibonacci and the Fibonacci zone congestion, the price still rolls just to retest the black trend line, and then falls even lower (overwriting with the latter at least the trend movement) — the blue bottom of the channel, despite its breakdown earlier. In this case we get a divergence in MACD H1. The price is almost the end of the day breaks the first line of resistance to the downward trend — the green line. On the daily chart, we also obtain the closure of black candles.

Thursday — day correction

Price moves sideways, pushing the black line of the channel and the blue line of the channel. But by the end of the day we still get the sample and closing daily candle above the descending trendline brown and black above the channel. The daily candle closes with white candles correction.


Price moves slowly upward, and then retest the black line of the channel from the top down, hang up, hang up the level of 23.6% of the total downward movement of the upper line of the correction + channel gray. End call down to the bottom line of gray + black again retest the trend line, a small rebound upwards, where a week and closed. We obtain the closing day candles as white correction within the channel.

Week with this motion down of course closed the sale of black candles, although within the blue channel and note (!) — Lights out on the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the long-term. That just shows that actually hang on the level of 61.8% was held, and as a lead on price — we’ll see you next week!

Forex forecast for next week (19-23 December):

As we can see, the week closed candle sales, price moves tentatively into the blue channel (on H4-D1) chart. Therefore the price can fall quite another to achieve the important resistance level: the bottom line of the blue channel, approximately 1.2722 level (the level of 138.2% of the corrective movement with a minimum of 04.10.2011 year) + blue channel. This is of course if the price will continue in the near future its decline.

Of course come the new year and thus closing the year in this difficult to judge at what level would be beneficial to close the year for the euro area and what we can expect surprises. In this trade, I recommend that as before, without taking into account this fact, but still with caution and not be given to some one direction of price movement in the forex market.

Especially to paint the entry points will not, because they are not really enough for the range of H1, is that I will give only a description of the important levels that need special attention. Just pay attention to the graph, which are marked by triangles possible areas of Business and Forex video projection in which we will explain the alleged forex signals on EURUSD for next week.

Deal to Sell:

1) First of all, the price moves in a downward motion, and as subject to adjustment upwards, then we will be interested otboi down the following lines of resistance:

1. Lilac long-term trend line, breaking the price that has not been tested

2. Light pink trend line

3. Black upper channel line

4. the top line of light brown background channel

5. blue line of the channel (or trend line above)

From these lines, you can try to sell, with a stop loss above and the following major Fibonacci levels. Targets for take-profit — the same trend line on a course of price movements.

2) You can sell (trying to sell) in the breakdown and closing the candle below the small gray + channel below the bottom line of the black channel. The purpose — Census minimum of last week, and then breakdown the dotted black line, the Census minimum of 1 January 2011, the level of 1.2722 (level 138.2% of the corrective movement with a minimum of 04.10.2011 year) + blue channel, the opposite border of light brown channel (background ) — for details see forex video forecast for this week!

Forex forecast for next week (19-23 December)

Deal to buy:

Purchase options, I would just deny did not, especially in the correction to the entire movement last week.

1) Confident Shopping — dark pink above the trend line! — This signal is written in the past, forex forecast.

2) Break and closing the candle above these trend lines opens the way for the following lines of resistance rates in the direction of travel, especially if there was more and retest them after the breakdown:

1. Light green line trend (downward in the last movement)

2. The upper blue line feed

3. The upper line of light brown background channel

4. Light pink trend line

5. Lilac long-term trend line

6. Black upper channel line

Stop-losses for the next major resistance level is described, and perhaps a Fibonacci profit — just following the direction of travel trend line or channel.

3) Because of the resistance below the closing price of the week would be recommended to consider options for purchases of the following levels:

1. The brown line is the trend

2. The purple trend line, perhaps combined with a blue bottom line of the channel

3. level of 1.2722, which wrote above!

Original translation: Forex forecast EURUSD (19-23 December 2011)

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