Forex Forecast EURUSD (19-23 March 2012)


Dear Traders, from now on every forex forecast for the week will no longer publish an analytical overview of price movement for a week, according to the rules of graphical analysis of forex.

And now propose a EURUSD forex forecast for the week — 19-23 March 2012.

Forex forecast in the future may well be reduced to the maximum, but not this time for sure.

And so, the week closed the purchase of candles — white body and long tail below. There was actually a retreat from the red candle weekly trendline and retest the same top-down. Therefore we can assume that the upward movement will continue next week. But if we look close candles last 2 weeks, and indeed the entire last movement in the expanding triangle, the market still uncertain. By this, I believe that the priority for the transactions for the purchase of course remains, but so far, has not yet broken through the red trend line is down and therefore not re-written at least a week. But as the market uncertainty, and options for selling the same can not be excluded, in other matters as ever. The more that we — traders or speculators can not be tied to one embodiment of transactions, the main thing that the movement was generally good, and the signals appeared on the chosen strategy, forex, and in what direction — no matter!

Deal to Buy:

1) retest the blue channel punched top-down levels of congestion + 38.2 + 61.8 Fibonacci retracement of the recent upward movement on Friday after the release from the red trend line. Stop-loss — below the blue line channels + below the dashed line the bottom of the gray channel + 1,3060-13065 level (depending on the time of retest). Profit — the gray line of the channel, light pink, and then see the next section.

2) retest the gray channel from the top down (top line), but considering that the price on Friday highlighted the important Fibonacci level of congestion, it is possible and the breakdown of his line down to the blue channel at a minimum — a signal (1) for the purchase. That is to be ostarozhnym with this position. Stop-loss if you decide to trade after all, 1,3130-20. Profit — a census of the maximum on Friday, the top line of the gray channel, if there is its breakdown, the level of 1.33, light pink trend line, a maximum of 29 February, the blue line of the upper channel. Next week I think the price will not go away, because it is strong enough resistance levels for prices …

3) Closing the daily candle above the light-pink trendline + possible retest of its top-down — we buy in the presence of confirming signals. Stop-loss — following the same trend line + is an important Fibonacci level of the last upward movement. Profits in accordance with paragraph (2) for the purchase.

4) If the price is still back in the blue channel, then you can buy from the red trend line, which has already occurred on a retreat last week. Stop-loss — below the bottom line of an expanding triangle. Profit — the blue channel, purple FX channel and further according to paragraph (2) for purchases.

5) Similarly, we can consider options for purchases from the lower blue trend line, light green trend line, a red long-term trend line. Stop-loss — for the following line in the course of price movements. Profit — the next resistance line to move up further in paragraph (4).

EURUSD forex forecast for the week - 19-23 March 2012

Deal to Sell:

1) The gray line down the channel congestion level + 38.2 + 61.8 Fibonacci retracement of the recent upward movement posleotboya Friday and the red trend line (although at this point it is still trading against the trend). But as an option — to retest the blue line is punctured channel, sales opportunities. Stop-loss — higher than the 76.4 + channel from the downward movement — 1,3230-40 (if the price breaks through all the same channel, looking for options for returning the price to close the position sooner than on foot) and conclude that the inverse of the transaction — see the paragraph ( 2) for the purchase. Profit — the blue line the channel, punched on Friday, if the price is going on, then — the red trend line, purple triangle, the lower blue channel, light green and red long-term trend line.

2) As an option - closing the candle below the dotted gray channel and possible retest of its bottom-up — sell. Stop-loss orders and profits — the same as in paragraph (1) for sale.

3) Closing hour candles, and the best four-hour channel in the blue + to retest (if possible) — we sell. The objectives of take-profit are the same. Stop-loss — above the important Fibonacci level of the last downward move.

4) It is also considering options for selling at the close of the following:

- The red trend line

- The purple line the bottom of the expanding triangle

- The bottom line of the blue channel

- Light green trend line

Profit — the next level of resistance during movement of the price, stop loss — as the next resistance level, but above the current price.

5) retest the bottom-up light pink trendline + level of 1.33 (61.8% Fibonacci). Stop-loss — higher than the same trend line from the 76.4 + level downward movement. In the breakdown of this line up — look for the point spread and the closing position. Profit — the important Fibonacci levels from the last upward movement, red channel, blue line of the channel and then under paragraph (1) for sale.

6) The upper blue line + channel long-term Fibonacci zone of accumulation, including the level of 38.2% (1.3508). Profit — the important Fibonacci levels in the course of price movements up + light pink trend line, and This will bring in paragraph (5) for sale.

That’s all forex signals on EURUSD for the next week. I think the price is hardly goes beyond these limits.

Do not forget to monitor the situation on the market, make graphical representations, and find the best point of the water in the market and out of it, as well as the closure of parts, and so.

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To install the template, MetaTrader 4, you will need to unzip it first! If you get off the trend line, the line channels on the forex market open on Monday — to tinker with their own, according to the images in this forex forecast!

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