Forex Forecast EURUSD (20-24 February 2012)


Forex EURUSD forecast for next week: 20-24 February 2012, according to the rules of forex trading strategies of this site, based on graphical analysis, as well as an analysis of price movement on EURUSD for the past trading week

Analysis EURUSD over the last week — 13 — February 17, 2012.

Monday — February 13

After the market opens on Monday with a gap up, the movement continues in a given direction, the green trend line on which there hang down, but the gap was not closed and the price continues to move upward, pierces the green line channel, sample tests, and top-down meets resistance a light-pink trend line, from which hang down, and going to the closing date and the gap is closed as well. Day closed the sale of black candle with a long tail on top.

Tuesday — February 14

Price breaks down the blue line of the uplink, rewrites at least Friday and knocked testing channel bottom-up, then down the rebound happens, the census low of the day and hang up on the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the recent upward movement in the background with a minimum of pink channel (from February 1, 2012) + from the purple trend line. After that, the price goes up and breaks the blue line of the channel and though the price is not fighting off the retest it at the bottom-up, but still hang there on the level of 38.2% from the last move down to a maximum of 9 February + on the dotted blue line trend constructed from the 2-m lows. Then again, the breakdown is the blue line down the channel, the census low, a small purple retest the channel again, the census wage and price bounces up from the purple line of the channel, after which the price again tests the purple trend line, where the day and closed the sale of candles.

Analysis EURUSD over the last week

Wednesday — February 15

Price after a small correction down to the last upward movement on Tuesday, rewrites the maximum day and rises to the gray trend line and despite the fact that we got it up the breakdown of the price still slowed traffic on the 38.2% Fibonacci and then strayed down from him again, breaking through the gray trend line down. After that, the price breaks down the red trend line, indicating that the down move quickly to continue, as well as the price after the release from the purple line of the channel did not gone far up, it is likely and the breakdown of the channel bottom. And so it happened — Violet Canal was broken down and the price dropped to a level of 38.2% Fibonacci of the total upward movement to a minimum even at the blue line feed + channel line the long orange. After this is all clear up, retest the white channel, although the price a bit and did not reach the retest of purple, but still fell to a minimum day. Closed the same day the black candle sales.

Thursday — February 16

On opening day, the price almost immediately rushes down, rewrites at least the past day and breaks down the orange channel. After that the price as it freezes in place, but always overwrites the lows of the day and closed baffle candles with their tails down. Fallen almost to the level of 50% of the total upward movement + almost to the line of brown canal, the price still turns up and those who bought on the level of 38.2% Fibonacci and closed earlier, and put the correct stop-loss, all the same were able to close to zero at the top, or even return a profit. Price breaks orange, then white channel line up, rises to the opposite brown line channel + channels + purple retest level of 38.2% Fibonacci of the whole movement down, after a small retest, the price still breaks them up and stops at 50% . Day closes confident candle purchase.

Friday — February 17

Price goes down, and tests pierced purple line feed from the top down. After that is all clear up and breakdown of the orange line of the channel, and then retest it from top to bottom and then move up to the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the total downward movement, with a maximum of 9 February 2012 + top white line of the channel (third touch). After this is all clear all clear to bottom — the orange line of the channel and close the day with a tail of white candles on top.
Sunday closed the black candle, but with a long tail from the bottom, indicating that the greater probability of moving up or is it correct to all upward movement with a minimum of a long blue line of the channel.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week — February 20-24, 2012.

Judging from the close of the week, not to say that the motion next week, will definitely up, or did we finally get a turn down. That is, I believe that at this moment there is a correction to the recent upward movement in the blue channel, since its price has broken down and traded in the range of motion, not rewriting it high.

I believe that next week the movement will continue in the most rapidly within the corrective movement. In this case I have defined for themselves two important trend lines, which sample and closing the day above or below their fastest gives the probability that the movement will continue in the direction of the breakdown. This above all:

1) Closing date of the above light-pink trend line and possibly above the maximum of the movement to continue upward.
2) Closure of the day below the top line of the black channel.

Everything that happens between 2 these lines I think nothing more than a correction and here see for yourself which way you prefer to trade …

Now let’s look at options for making deals to buy:

1) To continue the upward movement (if there is no divergence MACD on the census) — closing above the daily candle light pink trend line. It is also possible the purchase when it retest the top down. Stop-loss — below the long-line + Fibonacci level of the last upward movement. Profit — the maximum of the census on 9 February, the top line of the channel purple, dark pink long-term trend line, the blue line of the channel long-term.

2) Break retest or top-down orange line of the channel profit — light pink and then a long-term under paragraph (1) for purchases stop-loss — below the line channels + Fibonacci level and possibly the next level of resistance after the upper line of orange-channel .

3) brown retest channel top-down, stop-loss — below the bottom line of the blue channel.

4) Bottom line is the background of blue channel (inside his own), take profit: the orange line of the channel (top), purple, and then under paragraph (2) for purchases. Stop-loss — below the low of last week, and better, and the orange channel.

5) It is also possible options for purchase:
— With breakdowns and retest the bottom inside the blue line of the channel
— The same top line of the violet channel, profit — the top line of the blue channel and on the background of paragraph (1)
— Retest for a top-down black line of the channel, well if it is still and will be the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the last rising
— The same thing on the long green line of the channel (bottom)

Stop-loss orders — just under the following levels soprotivleniya6 and profits — to the next level in the course of price movements.
Forex EURUSD forecast for next week

Transactions on SALE:

1) From the current price or the orange line of the upper channel, stop-loss above the high of Friday. Although I think it’s a little dangerous trade, as the third retreat from this line has already occurred. Profit — purple line of the channel, brown, and the lower line of the channel background is blue, black line feed, then green, long-term.

2) Break down, closing the day and possibly retest the blue background of the channel. Stop-loss above the Fibonacci downward movement of the last and possibly the next level of resistance. Profit — the orange line of the lower channel, channel black line, a green long-term.

3) Closure of the day below the black line of the channel and possible retest of the bottom-up. Purpose — green long-term trend line, the Census minimum in the blue channel. Stop-loss — above the important Fibonacci level of the last downward move.

4) It is also a good point to consider selling a line of light-pink + long-term retest the blue line of the channel bottom-up, but it will be good on Monday, fastest, most Tuesday night. Stop-loss — above the high of February 9. Profit — the orange line of the upper channel — retest its top-down, and then according to paragraph (1) for sale.

5) There may be selling at retest upwards following resistance levels:
— The upper purple line channel
— Dark pink long-term
— Blue upper channel line.

Stop-loss — for the next resistance level, profit — the next level while moving down.

That is, in principle, the whole situation is in EURUSD at this point that I can see a more accurate point of entry and search for forex signals while moving prices and the formation of extremes.

Just do not forget to compare the need for transactions with your personal money management rules Forex.

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