Forex forecast EURUSD (23-27 January 2012)


Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week: 23-27 January 2012 + analysis of price movement over the past week, compiled in accordance with the rules of graphic strategies forex this site and my forex strategy in particular, as described in the video course «Safe forex» and partly on the site as Analysts last week and the forex forecast for next week

The analysis of the forex market for the currency pair EURUSD over the last week — 16-20 January 2012.

Especially of course to write, not what the forex analyst, briefly move last week, could be described — slow and not very confidently up, but all the same, and describe a little more detail what happened last week:

Monday — January 16

The market opens with a gap down, the price falls to a minimum on Friday, but without rewriting it, fighting off the Blue Line channel + red trend line and still rises up and closes the gap! After that, the price goes down to the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the last move up on Monday, fighting off it, rewrites most of Monday and sent down again — to a level of 61.8% Fibonacci. Day closed with white candles.

Tuesday — January 17

Price, repulsed by the level of 61.8% of traffic on Monday, rewrites most of Monday and reach the level of 38.2% of the traffic on Friday + dotted blue channel, but the price just for a few hours stops, and is not corrected and eventually breaks through these levels resistance up. After that the price bounces from the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the motion on Friday + green line of the channel (as suggested in the past, forex forecast). Price falls below the dotted line of the channel to the brown line and bounces up again to the dotted blue channel, and to brown. Closes day candles in white, but still spark rebound from the green channel.

The analysis of the forex market for the currency pair EURUSD

Wednesday — January 18

The price goes up again to the green line of the channel, from which we again obtain a release, which is another indication of its importance! Then there is another series of oscillations between the green channel and the dashed blue line in the channel and as a result — all the same breakdown of the sample and its movement up to the gray line of the channel, a retreat from it and now retest the green channel from the top downward retest pink background channel, again hang up, the breakdown of the gray channel, test it from top to bottom. The movement to a minimum in 2011, where we get the closing days of white candles.

Thursday — January 19

Price rewrites the maximum in 2012 of January 13 and after just a slight retracement move back up to the level of 61.8% from the last move down to a maximum of January 3, 2012 + top line of the red channel, but rolled back again a very small and the price bounces from the blue trend line upward and minima in the constructed environment-Thursday. Day closes at the peak of the day white candle, almost on the line of light-green channel.

Friday — January 20

Price rewrites the high of Friday, the EURUSD (H1) is formed divergence MACD, fighting off the price level of 138.2% from last Friday’s traffic rate + 76.4% from the last downward movement, with a maximum of January 2012 + light green + channel line level 61.8% of the downward movement, with a maximum of 21 December 2011. The price breaks upward trend line is blue, which indicates that the correction has begun in relation to the upward movement from last Wednesday — Friday. After that the price bounces up from the level of 23.6% from last upward movement this week + 38.2% — of the medium-Friday. Then we get the correction to the level of 61.8% of the traffic down on Friday and then closes the black candle day, but with a tail at the bottom and sure candles week of purchase!

Forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week — January 23-27, 2012.

Last week, the price still managed to fight back up from the blue channel and the knock long dark green channel up and not only closed the week above it. More over, the week closed with white candles and buy a candle to absorb the previous downward movement. These facts in themselves indicate that the correction or upward movement began. But while the price is still closed in light-green channel with the latest downward movement, with a maximum of 27 October 2011, and not only strayed from its upper boundary within. In this downward movement is still possible and not just ban them.

As long as price is above the dark green channel, I believe that the priority is for the transactions for the purchase.

Now I suggest you a forex forecast for next week.

Deal to buy:

1) If the price breaks up the light green line of the channel and possibly retest occurs, consider the options for purchase to take-profit — 1.30 (level of 23.6% Fibonacci wrote about earlier), brown trendline, lilac long-term trend line and then the level of 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the entire downward movement — 1.3238. Stop-loss — below the orange line trend and possibly important Fibo level of the last upward movement.

2) If the price breaks the red channel down and falls below the orange line trend, as a good point to consider buying a retreat or a retest of dark green channel lines + possibly dotted line + blue channel at this point the level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the only upward movement last week. Profit — orange. light-green line of the channel and so on according to paragraph (1). Stop-loss is at least a 1.27

3) It is also possible the purchase of these important lines of resistance for the price:

- The orange trend line

- Gray trend line

- Dotted blue channel (lower line)

- If the price breaks up and closes above the trend line of brown, then just consider the options for shopping

Stop-loss is placed at the following levels below or at the important Fibonacci levels at a minimum. Profits are the same as in paragraph 1 for the purchases.

4) if the price falls below the dark green line of the channel, it also may purchase from the blue line of the channel (but with less rebound upwards). Stop-loss — below the red line of the long thread. Goal of profit of: gray trend line, dark green and so on.

5) If the price breaks above the blue trend line, the next important resistance level — red-term trend line! And if this coincides with the blue line is the channel, it’s even better. But here’s a stop-loss only approximate — under 1.2450. More precisely, it needs to be refined and possibly wait for topping signals up and then log on to your purchase. The first goal — the blue line of the channel (its retest, although possibly for sale) and so on.

Forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week

Deal to sell:

1) The transaction for sale of the 38.2% Fibonacci 1.3240 + light pink long-term trendline. Stop-loss — as far as possible above the next Fibonacci level — 50% (1.3460) + dark pink long-term trendline. Profits: magenta trend line, the important Fibonacci levels from all the latest upward movement

2) Options that may be considered:

- From the brown trend line

- The level of 1.30 — 23.6% Fibonacci of the whole movement, was talking about earlier

- Retest at the red channel down (if it will strike price) + possibly retest the bottom-up light-green channel

if the price falls below the orange line of the trend, sales of the orange line at its retest, stop-loss above the light green trendline.

3) If the price falls below the dark green line of the channel and closed below its day, it is desirable to sell at its retest with the immediate goal: gray channel, blue channel long-term, long-term trend line is red. Stop-loss above the dark green of the channel and possibly above the next Fibonacci level of the last downward move.

4) You can also consider options for selling:

- The breakdown of the gray trend line and possibly retest its bottom-up, stop-loss above the dark green channel

- The breakdown of long-term blue channel and the closing day candles below it and then again at retest the bottom — up next goal — the red trend line is a long-term.

I think all the options possible transaction described in this moment (which is exactly what I see on the chart), more precise options for deals during the week looking at the situation, see the comments on the forex forecast.

Do not forget to use the Mani Management Forex rules, as well, see for yourself on what options you trade transactions, and what better to miss because of high risks and low take-profits, compared with stop-loss.

  • Download a template for MT4 forex forecast for this on EURUSD — 22_01_2012_eurusd.tpl (do not forget to unzip the template before you put it in the trading terminal and do not forget that some trend lines and channels can be run off after forex market opens on Monday, is that specify their location according to the figure for forex forecast that you can click to enlarge)

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