Forex forecast EURUSD (26-30 December 2011)


Dear traders, I present to you my last year in the forex forecast for EURUSD on 26-30 December 2011 + analytical overview of price movement, according to the rules of a graphical analysis of forex and strategy forex author Aleksey Loboda, as described in the video course «Safe Forex»

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I guess this forex analysis and forex forecast EURUSD will not particularly popular, as it did last week of the year, but still, I will publish it, though, and try to make short:

Forex Analyst EURUSD Weekly — 19-23 December 2011:


Price after opening of the market goes down, rewrites at least Friday and bounces up from the line 1-3. The result is a wave of Wolfe for the purchase of the interval H1 EURUSD. Further price rises up, retest the gray channel, the breakdown of his own, retest the green trend line of the downward movement (bottom-up), hang down, and the breakdown of the same green trend line, the maximum census of the day and hang down — now to a broken trend line green several times. As a result, the price bounces up from the lower channel line violet. Day closes the black candle sales.


Price rises up to the trend line of brown, constructed from the maxima of Friday-Monday. Price breaks this trend line and moving up to the blue line of the channel, there is a breakdown of the channel, the maximum census on Friday, then retest the blue line of the channel from the top down. After this is all clear up and the price is met heavy resistance at the level of congestion zones Fibonacci 32.8% + 61.8%. Price closes below the top line of the channel and purple price goes down again, and tests the blue line of the channel. Closing day candles are now white candle purchase.

Forex Analyst EURUSD Weekly


The price goes up and meets resistance at the upper line of the violet channel, it happens and then retest the sample and the census up high on Tuesday. The indicator MACD (H1) is divergence. Price reaches the level of 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the last downward movement + red trend line (around the downward movement) and is turning down. Again, the breakdown of purple down the channel and the first resistance price meets again on the blue channel line, hang up and then return to it. Day closed candles turn down.


Price rises up to the level of 50% of the level of 50% Fibonacci retracement of the entire movement of the last day, and again descends to the lower blue and violet line of the channel. small rebound up and closing days of black candles more inclined to sell.


Price breaks up the dark blue trend line on the highs Wednesday and Thursday. Reject down to get 38.2% of the medium-Thursday and closed on the bottom line of lavender channel as low candle sales.

In fact, the motion received the entire week at the opening of the week, but still closed the weekly candlestick reversal candles for downward movement.
What will next week tell of course difficult, as it did last week, and not only the Catholic Church celebrates Christmas, but I personally suspect that the week will still be a week of corrections, although according to the rules of graphical analysis, I would have preferred the more transaction is for sale.

Forex forecast for EURUSD on 26-30 December 2011.

Once again, the last week of the month and year can be important not particularly predictable, it is up to you, sell you this week or not and if they trade in what percentage of risk for your transactions.

For my part, I will make the forecast as usual, but this week, more briefly, and there is only important trend lines and channels, which need particular attention.
Despite the downward trend, the signals on the sale, purchase options may still be, the more the price is not particularly rushing down.

Deal to buy:

1) Pay attention to the following trend lines: the blue trend line drawn through the maximum of the medium-Friday. Its selling and closing the candle above it opens the way to the red trend line, and then to a light brown background channel. You can try to buy with these goals at a minimum, retest pierced the blue trend line from the top down, stop-loss at least Friday.

2) Break up and closing the candle above background light brown channel opens the way to the opposite line of the channel and purple as a dotted trend line purple, black line of the channel, light pink and purple long-term trend lines. Stop at least under the lower channel line purple or important Fibonacci level on the last upward movement.

3) If the price is still purple line breaks down and correcting the channel is closed daily candle below it, then try to buy as possible from the dark blue line of the channel and the immediate goal — retest a broken channel line violet (although I would not consider such options, as the dominant trend is still down). Stop-loss at least December 14, 2011

Of course there are many lines of resistance below the minimum considered the last of the last movement, but I have not yet considered the options for buying from them at this moment.

The most important points of resistance to sales are considered a high 1.2723 — 1.2476, or about the lower boundary of the white background of the channel. In this at these levels and can be seen in the presence of purchase confirming signals forex!

Forex forecast for EURUSD on 26-30 December 2011

Deal to sell:

To move down, the price must break through the purple down channel and possibly shut down the daily candle!

1) For transactions on sale ideal situation would of course just move it down on Monday, without any lights out and closing up daily candle below the violet channel, built in the last corrective movement, the stop-loss, it should be placed at least above the high of Friday. Profits: dark blue line channel, the minimum census of 14 December 2011, further price fastest meet resistance in the black, or even on the dotted line even downstream, and then the line of the channel white background (approximately the price at this point — 1 , 2723 — 1.2476).

2) You can also consider the options of selling the red trend line (on the whole movement down) and from the top of the background light brown channel and the level of 1.3123. But since this level is the fastest cutting candles on Monday will not be achieved, then the option of hanging up his fastest possible even for the retest and move up …

3) The following levels of resistance that need to pay attention to the possible sale, they are:
— Black upper channel line
— Purple and pink trend line
— Violet and purple dotted line adjustment channels.

But it is already selling the options yet to retest shattered light brown background channel first!

Original translation: Forex forecast EURUSD (26-30 December 2011)

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