Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

Dear traders, this publication would like to open a new section on the site ANALYTICS FOREX AND FOREX FORECASTS

For several months, leading it to its Russian site and it enjoys great popularity. In it, I will analyze the movement of currency pairs over the past week and do the forex forecast for next week and give some forex signals for entry and exit from it, according to the rules of charting, forex, traded on more than one year and that brings me to the stable income.

Once again my native language — Russian, is that I’ll be doing in google translation, translator, and I ask forgiveness if something will be transferred is not very correct …

In Russian site I also give and video versions of forex analysts and forex forecast, but unfortunately at this site because of the lack of translation can not provide such video …

So, let’s start:

Forex forecast for EURUSD on December 5-9, 2011 + analysis forex currency pair EURUSD over the last week, according to the rules of charting forex

Forex Analytics on EURUSD over the past week:

Monday — November 28

Despite the fact that the closure of the last week we received a lower long-term lines of purple and dark pink in color, as well as below the black line of the descending channel, and almost at the minimum of a week, on Monday opened with a big price gap above the black and dark pink trend line and actually says that the price down so quickly most quickly will not go! After several attempts to close the gap, the price still goes above and purple trend line breaks up and meets resistance from the gray trend lines. Price falls below the day and closed almost on the line of dark pink. Daily candle closes with more candles uncertainty than spark sales.

Tuesday — November 29

Price bounces up from a trend line dark pink color of the rising motion + Friday-Monday and goes up again, fighting off the gray trend line tests and the purple line breaks this time, the gray line up. However, it does not reach quite a bit before the expected resistance line (which I wrote earlier in his forex forecast) — brown trend line drawn through the minimum of the last corrective movement + blue trend line is drawn on the 2nd last maximum downward movement. The price again falls below the gray line trend, but closing the day we still get purple line above the trend. Daily candle closed candle with a long tail on top and a small black body (turn down the candles.)

Forex Analytics on EURUSD over the last week

Wednesday — November 30 (closing day of the month)!

Again, test the bottom-up gray trend line + red channel punched upward movement of the last 3 days. Then, the sample of 2 important trend lines: purple + dark pink. Then the minimum census Monday, but all the same price does not manage to close the gap. Again, we get punched retest important trend lines, rolled down, but then the price goes down does not, and is set up, trying to test the gray line again, and anyway it breaks up and rushes to the resistance line — top line of the green channel (constructed from two -m minimum and maximum of 14 November 2011), punching in the way of bottom-up brown line of the channel. After that, the price falls to a level of 38.2% from the last shot, but does not reach the little blue retest the trend line and we get a closing date is almost the same level. Candle closing day — white, but still with a tail on top (though not great), indicating that the possibility of extending the correction the next day.

On the same day we received close of the month!

It should be noted that even though we were closing a month selling candles (black with a big body), but still with a tail below, talking about possible corrections up. Moreover, it should be noted that the closure we got exactly above the lilac and dark pink trendline.

Thursday — December 1.

Price rewrites the minimum corrective movement after the shot, but unfortunately does not reach the blue line for a retest and directed upwards, but most of the last day still does not overwrite and falls below, almost to the discovery of the same day. Day rose candles uncertainty.

Friday — December 2.

Price still breaks up the green channel, testing the top, down the red channel of the last upward movement this week, and slowly but surely re-writes most of Thursday while fighting off the black line down the channel + MACD divergence on H1. Orange breaks the trend line down, which actually tells us that the correction to all the recent upward movement of the week began. Price breaks and the red channel is down and down to the blue trend line, after breaking up a price it has not yet tested. At that point we have the same level and 61.8% of the total upward movement upward (the last correction upwards). Price is adjusted to the level of 23.6% from last fall on Friday and closes day candles in black with a tail at the top.

Sunday closed though, and white candles, but still with a large tail of candles on top, indicating that further corrections or preference to sales!

Forex forecast for EURUSD on December 5-9, 2011:

Today, just try to limit short forex forecast, without any explanation, but will highlight important areas of resistance to the price chart and describe the intended targets for price movements.

Transactions for Purchase

1) Census minimum Friday — 1.3338 — buying when approaching the blue trend line (from which the price rebounded on Friday + level of 61.8% of the corrective movement), profit — the green line is rising, then brown and black line the channel, the breakdown of the black line channel opens the way for the long blue line of the trend. Stop-loss — for the blue trend upward (built in the 2nd last at least 2 weeks) + 76.4 of the total level of adjustment (about 1.3280)

2) Purchase from the blue line + purple and dark pink long-term, built on the latest 2nd minimum of 2 weeks, stop loss somewhere 1.3280. The first goal — retest the blue line is the bottom-up and desirable trade to zero (break even), then under paragraph (1)

3) Purchase a black line above the channel (top), the stop loss under it is + important Fibonacci level on the last upward movement, profit — blue long-term trend line further on past forecasts.

4) If the price breaks long lines + blue trend line to a minimum, the following goal from which you can consider buying — light pink trendline + gray. Profit — retest 3-punched trend lines (purple, blue and pink) and then, if the price breaks of their own. Stop-loss for the black line of the channel (bottom) or top-down brown on at least the last.

The remaining points (lower graph) see the last of the forex forecast.

Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

Transactions for Sale:

1) The price closed below the projection of the channel of brown, is this a return to it at the same 38.2% Fibonacci — 1.3430 or 61.8% Fibonacci — 1.3474, the same can be considered as an option deal to sell. Stop-loss orders, respectively, for the next Fibonacci level. Nearest profit — blue trend line, the accumulation of trend lines (light blue + pink + dark purple), and so on to the minimum census of the entire movement — 1.3210. The same version of the sales of the green trend line (if it will strike price). In the calculation we take the black line and the upper channel (possibly sales and from it — all depends on the price of the approach to it, if it is).

2) long-term retest blue bottom-up — according to the last sale forex forecast.

3) The following is a light pink trendline purposes as described in the past, forex forecast.

4) Break the blue trend line from the top down and closing the candle below it, sell and possibly retest with it though.

This I have described to this point, all possible combinations of transactions, you also choose those that best fit the situation, do not forget to consider closing the spark plugs and possibly treat the signals D1, since they are the most important, although there are not so often, specify the same options can be input exactly the interval H1 (the signals for which I and the list at this point). I certainly can not write separately only to signals D1 and not consider intervals H1 and H4, but then they would not be so many and they will appear very rarely, and I think such predictions are not particularly interested in (their examples in the first publications of forecasts on this site) although they also are among the estimated signal I described in the forex forecast for the week of a significant trend lines and channels and Fibonacci levels.

  • This forex trading forecast for EURUSD for the next week you can download the template for Metatrader 4 — 4_12_2011_eurusd.tpl

Just wanted to warn that some of the trend lines can be run off at the end of the forecast in the attached template MetaTrader 4 after the market opens on Monday, in this adjust their schedule in the forex forecast!

Original translation: Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

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