Forex forecast EURUSD (9-13 January 2012)


Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week: 9-13 January 2012 + Analytical review the price movement of EURUSD over the last week by the rules of graphic strategies for forex trading and with the help of graphical analysis tools forex (FX channels, trend lines, Fibonacci levels and expansion, etc.).

Forex Analysis on EURUSD per week — 2-6 January 2012.

Monday — January 2

The market opened with a small gap, the price slowly drops below the trend line drawn through the minima of Thursday-Friday, repelled by the red trend line rises above and closes the gap and, when it again encounters resistance trend line on orange. Going down and rewriting at least the day and closed almost at the minimum day Monday spark uncertainty.

Tuesday — 3 January

The price moves up and breaks the blue trend line, then the first time since October 27, 2011 (while moving in a pink background channel) breaks the red line and closed above its hourly candle, then the price approaches the upper boundary of the pink background of the channel and it bounces from inside the channel spark sales, but during the next 2 hours, the price reversal candle overwrites and breaks up the channel. Unfortunately retest pink channel we have not received, the price reaches the purple line of the channel (only the last corrective movement), bounces down to the orange line of the channel, and then rewrites the maximum price of the day + the level of 61.8% Fibonacci + gray trend line, where the day and rose candle purchase.

Forex Analysis on EURUSD per week - 2-6 January 2012.

Wednesday — January 4

Price breaks the green, then orange trendline. Bounces up from the level of 23.6% Fibonacci of the motion on Monday, Tuesday, and tests the orange trend line purple line + link + bottom-up gray trend line, with a maximum of the last day of the census did not take place and the price dropped down to the pink background of the channel the channel. Price is only slightly bounces up and closes Hour Candle turn down. Price breaks pink channel down to the red trend line and test its top-down, but up the price does not go and breaks down the red trend line, then returns above the red line, where the daily candle closes. The candle is almost completely absorbs the previous white candle.

Thursday — January 5

Price is testing the red trend line of top-down, fighting off a pink line of the channel and is already on it breaks the trend line down the brown. Rewrites at least 2011 + tests the blue trend line breaks her more light-brown line of the channel (bottom). Then coming to the dark blue line channels + level 138.2% of the last corrective movement upward, where it rose candles confident day of sale.

Friday — 6 January

The next day the price is at least rewrite the last day, the MACD (H1) is formed and the divergence of the price returns to retest a light brown line of the channel bottom-up, bounces and breaks from her dark blue line of the channel. Price stopped and closed the day at 138.2% of the corrective movement with a minimum of 4 October 2011 + at 138.2% of the corrective movement with a minimum of December 29, 2011 as sales of candles.

Week just closed the black candle sales!

Forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week — 9-13 January 2012.

Despite the attempts of the prices last week to adjust up and appeared on forex signals to the correction, the maximum price that vsetaki done — this is the point tested last fall before the new year, which we again received a downward spiral. The trend has continued downward, and now we are interested to time how long the price will fall further and in what direction the next week is preferable to conclude the deal as the price reaches the levels of resistance, to which I referred earlier in their forex forecasts.

And since the prevailing trend in the market down, we got close daily and weekly candles as candles sold. Hence the preference for sale next week, still remains, but the price reaches the critical resistance — blue + channel is present MACD divergence on H1 and D1, so that otboi up is possible, up to a reversal trend or at least a temporary correction. Now, let’s define the levels of major turning points or stopping the price of the currency pair EURUSD.

Precise points and the definition of price levels to enter the market, stop loss and profit will not give, because they better define srei week, as prices approach to the same levels, but significant levels of stopping the market price, describe correction or reversal .

Transactions on SALE

1) retest the following important trend lines from the bottom-up + preferably some additional signals (Fibonacci levels, for example):

- Gray Line

- Dark green line is a long-term channel line

- Light brown trendline

- Dark blue trend line (previously Channel)

2) If the price breaks the blue line and closes the channel long-term daily candle below it, then retest it from the bottom up as a signal for further sales, but you must be careful so as not to appear topping signals up. Stop-loss above the blasted + possibly dark blue line + channel is an important Fibonacci level. Profit — the green line is the trend, then level 1.2470, then to refine the course of price movements.

3) The next major resistance level — is light green trend line (downward), constructed from at least the last downward movement (formerly pink channel). In this if the price closes below this trend line, it can also be considered options for deals in sale! Similarly, the stop-loss above the blue line of the channel, profit — 1.2470 — the closest.

Forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week

Deal to buy

Significant levels for the purchase is:

1) The approach to price long-line blue channel (1,2690-1,2650). However, it is desirable for self-purchases to wait for reversal signals (Divergence is already there, if it is not broken on D1), such as turning the candles and TP. Stop-loss is a closed-formed candle reversal or the next level — the green line is the trend. Profit: dark blue trend line, then green, long-term and then have a light-brown and gray line trend.

2) If the price breaks up long-term green channel and closes the possibility of full-time or H4 candle above it + is desirable to retest the same upside-down. Stop-loss: below the blue channel, or at least below the important Fibonacci level of the last upward movement + blue trendline. Profit — light brown, then gray trend line, and of its breakdown opens the way to purple trend line for her own first retest.

3) You can also consider options for shopping on the level of light green trend line + is desirable that it coincided with the levels of 1.2590 (the level of 76.4% Fibonacci of the total upward movement in the D1-W1) or 1.2460 level — the level of 138.2 % Fibonacci of the last corrective movement with a minimum of 4 October 2011. Take-profit nearest — the blue line of the channel and so on, stop-loss order to clarify …

4) Well, as an option, may purchase in the breakdown of the brown trend line (the correction last week) and the breakdown of the dark blue trend line (above the channel). Profit first — the gray trend line, then the following resistance levels and stop-loss — a significant Fibonacci level of the last upward movement (if it is of course) + some important trend lines generated in the course of price movements.

Well, that’s probably all the more significant levels, which I would consider options for making deals at the moment. A more accurate signals on the above strategy, forex, described in the video course «Safe forex», you specify the week, as the price movement on the chart EURUSD and the formation of certain combinations, as well as confirming signals.

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