Forex Forecast EURUSD (February 27 — March 2, 2012)

Forex EURUSD forecast for the next trading week: February 27 — March 2, 2012, based on the rules of forex trading strategies graphics on this site, as well as analytical analysis of price movements on the currency pair EURUSD over the past trading week

Analysis of EURUSD for the past week — 20-24 February 2012.

Monday — February 20

The market opened on Monday with a gap up, which is so closed and has not been a whole week, which is quite rare. Price breaks the orange channel is to retest the top down, and then rewrites the maximum price of the day and a little before reaching the blue line of the uplink, rolls back down to the border of the small green uplink, where the day and closed the purchase of candles, light pink below the trend line long .

Tuesday — February 21

Price breaks upward dotted red + green channel of the channel bottom. When he reached the level of 23.6% Fibonacci of the last upward movement, with a minimum of 16 February 2012, we hang up, the maximum census on Monday and end call down from the light pink long-term trend line. After a 3-retest of the same trend line, the price drops again to a level of 23.6% Fibonacci now with the maximum of the day. Formed last vertex of the day, slightly below the peak of the day and eventually we get a model of forex, the pattern resembles the «head and shoulders». Day closed candles uncertainty.

Analysis of EURUSD for the past week

Wednesday — February 22

Price is a lateral movement, a day fluctuations in the price range of about 50 points. By the end of the day formed a figure resembling a triangle minima of the day are within the dotted red channel FX. Day also closed uncertainties white candles.

Thursday — February 23

Price repulsed from the lower boundary of the dotted channel goes up and punches the red line of the proposed triangle, then sent to the opposite boundary of the dotted red channel and breaks along the way is a breakdown of light pink long-term channel. There is a census of the maximum of the 9th of February. In D1 — Divergence MACD, In this price rolls back down and retest is light pink pierced the trendline long from top to bottom. After closing a 4-hour candle above this trend line, it is clear that moving up most quickly continue. Price moves up and retest the blue line is the channel. Day closed confident candle purchase.

Friday — February 24

Price is not too rolls back from the blue trend line is rolled up to the dotted red upper channel line, after which the price breaks through the blue channel line up, then the breakdown of the channel up purple. Price stops by about expanding the level of 138.2% of the Fibonacci correction of motion 9-16 February. Day closed candle purchase.

Week closed confident buying candles.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week: February 27 — March 2, 2012.

Given that the week closed a confident buying candles above the long-term light pink trend line, punched up the blue line of the channel and purple line the channel, the priority for transactions up, in my opinion, is at least up to a dark pink line and blue channels of the channel.

Just do not forget that next week will be the closure of the month — February, and it is possible to hang down in a correction of the major resistance levels for prices.

Deal to buy:

1) lilac retest the trend line from the top downward to the level of 38.2% from Friday’s upward movement. Stop-loss — under the blue trend line. Profit — the maximum of the census of last week, and then dark pink trendline + top line of the blue background of the channel.

2) light pink retest the trend line. Stop-loss is a trend line + is an important Fibonacci level of the total upward movement. Profit — the gray line is the trend, purple, and so forth in paragraph (1).

3) Purchase at the approach to the gray trend line, the stop-loss — a + it is an important Fibonacci level of the upward movement. Profit — magenta trend line and then under paragraph (1).

4) The lower boundary of the blue background + channels as possible is an important Fibonacci level, stop-loss at the next Fibonacci level. Profit — retest light pink long-term trend line upwards.

5) In the breakdown of a dark pink trend line up, buy when it is possible retest top-down, goal — long-term trend line is blue, and of purple, then green, although I think the price is not so sharply probet this trend line.

Then I think the price for this week will hardly go away, but even if it falls, there may be up to otboi important trend lines marked on the template, screenshot and video forex forecast.

Forex EURUSD forecast for next week

Transactions on SALE:

1) From the dark pink long-term trend line and well if you retest this level will occur on Monday, and then a match point in the same upper limit of the background of blue channel + level 161.8% of the corrective movement of 9-16 February 2012. Stop-loss is of course too big — above the blue line of the long-term channel. Profit — purple line channel, punched up on Friday, the gray trend line, light pink long-term trend line, the lower boundary of the channel background is blue, the black trend line, the green trend line is red.

2) The upper limit of the blue channel, the stop-loss — the purple line above the long-term trend. Take-profit — dark pink trend line trend and if it happens down the sample and closing the day candles, the more profit under paragraph (1) for sale.

3) If the price closes below the purple trend line and the short of it is possible retest, then sell with the immediate goal of the gray trend line (if the price is not already below it), light pink, long-term trend line, and then under paragraph (1). Stop-loss — above the dark-pink trend line

4) Closing of the day or at least below the H4 candle light pink trend line — sell well if there was more and retest the same trend line. The objectives of profit — the blue trend line is lower and farther under paragraph (1). Stop-loss above the trend line + Fibonacci level of the last downward move down.

5) Break and closing daily candle below the blue background of the channel and its possible retest — we sell to purple trend line is expected broadening formation, the black trend line, and so forth, in accordance with paragraph (1) for sale.

6) You can consider the options for selling or trading positions added to the following trend lines:

- Lilac

- Black

- Green

Objectives — the course of the next movement of the trend line, the stop-loss — for the next trend line.

That’s basically all the forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week and all the signals for forex transactions in the sale and purchase. Additional entry points in the course of looking for price movements in the market and the extent of formation of the important extremes.

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To install the template MT4, you need to unzip it first! If you get off the trend line, channel FX on Monday — to tinker with their own, according to the images in this forex forecast forex and video projection!

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