Forex forecast EURUSD (January 30 — February 3, 2012)

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Forex forecast EURUSD (January 30 — February 3, 2012) — forecast price movements on the currency pair for the next week, according to the rules of graphic strategies forex this site, as well as graphical analysis of price movements over the last week of the currency pair EURUSD at intervals from H1 to W1

The analysis of the forex market for the currency pair EURUSD over the last week — January 23-27, 2012.

Monday — January 23

The market opens with a gap below the orange line and below the low of the trend on Friday. Then rolled back up again to the orange trend line, its retest, and the sample up and then «closing the gap». The price is testing the red trend line and then breaks it + green channel line up, rewrites most Friday and meets with resistance to brown the trend line, that is going on its retest the bottom-up, the price rolls back down a bit. Day closed white candle purchase.

Tuesday — January 24

The movement continues down to the bottom line of the red channel + 38.2% Fibonacci. Again rolled up to the brown trend line, the MACD on EURUSD (H1) and the divergence is formed again rolled down, the breakdown of the red line, its bottom-up retest. Price rewrites at least Tuesday, some do not reach the level of 61.8% and fighting off the pink trend line upwards. Day closed with white candles and a tail bottom.

EURUSD analysis

Wednesday — January 25

After the formation of 2-day highs and divergence on H1 EURUSD at the MACD, we get all-clear down to Gray Line channel + level 61.8% Fibonacci of the total upward movement this week. Price bounces up and rewrites most of the week and breaks up the brown trend line, then we get the channel line retest brown + gray top-down and closing the candle above brown-hour channel, and hence the signal for further purchases. Price is testing again the red channel line-up below and get the closing of the day is almost at the peak of the day as a white candle shop, but with a long white body and tail of the bottom, with brown above the trend line.

Thursday — January 26

The price slowly rewriting the maximum of the last day and rising, and tests the bottom-up line of mauve-colored long red line + channels + the upper limit of the violet channel. After that we get to hang down over the brown trend lines, where the day and close, candles, black with a small body and long tail at the bottom of the top — candles correction or reversal lower purple line down the long-term trend.

Friday — January 27

Price falls to the brown trend lines + 38.2% of the medium-Thursday, several times this level of testing and still going up, but does not reach up to a maximum and then falls to the brown trend lines, one retest, and it is a breakdown blue + purple trend line trend line, it retest the top-down and get close to the line of the day Violet channel, and the price quite a bit has not reached the level of 38.2% Fibonacci (1.3240) of the total downward movement down on the daily chart . Candles Candle rose white.

Closed Sunday confident of candles in white, but still below the 38.2% Fibonacci + lower light pink long-term trend lines.

Forex forecast for EURUSD for the next week — January 30 — February 3, 2012.

As stated above, the weekly Friday and closed white candles candle purchase. But next week, will be closed monthly candle. At this point, it has the form of a rather serious candle purchases: white, big white body, long tail below. In this month to shut down the candle still will be judged on the future movement of prices on the EURUSD. It should be noted that the price still coming to quite serious levels: light pink trend line + 38.2% Fibonacci of the most recent downward movement, with a maximum of 27.10_2011 year. These levels are in my opinion, and can create considerable resistance to upward movement. By this I recommend to consider options for this level of sales + closing of options to purchase, on all motions, ranging from long-term blue channel.

Based on the above, still think the priority for next week’s deal to sell, but exclude options purchases, too, can not (in case of closing the day above the candle light pink trend line). Also a good option would be to roll back down (and possibly reverse) once again and proved to be the end of the month and if the price on Monday opened with a gap up and shut it down fell — it would be an ideal situation at all! While it is absolutely perfect, it will or not of course do not know …

Now let us consider in more detail the options transactions, important resistance levels forex signals for entry and exit in a weekly EURUSD forex forecast.

Bargains on Sale:

1) From the important resistance level — light pink trendline + level 38.2% Fibonacci of the most recent downward movement, with a maximum of 27.10_2011 year: 1.3240-1.3260, stop-loss — as far as possible above the yellow line of the trend and even desirable above 50% + dark pink trendline — somewhere 1.3470. This is the proper stop loss, smaller versions can not see … On the H4 EURUSD already have a divergence of MACD — this is just an additional signal to roll back at least. Take-profit, the first goal — purple + black trend line trend line, then of course the level of 38.2% of the total upward movement of the latter, the level of 61.8% Fibonacci and retest channel punched green (background).

How to behave in price and up to a take-profit comes not know, but in any case at this level — I will try to 1.3240-1.3260 fix all the take-profit on transactions for the purchase and consider options for sales.

You decide for yourself, to wait for reversal signal to enter the market on pullbacks with a smaller stop loss or limit on the log on the forex signal that I have described.

2) If the price is still pierces the light pink trend line upwards, we may consider the option of selling the following resistance levels for prices:

- The yellow trend line

- Dark pink trend line

- Purple trend line

- Blue Line channel long-term (its upper bound)

Stop-loss — for the next resistance level in the course of price movements

3) If the price still turns down, then consider the option of selling or adding to the position of:

- Lines of purple channel (at the closing day candles below it and retest with bottom-up)

- The same as the black line of the channel

Goal of profit of the same as in paragraph (1 for sales), stop-loss above the pink trend line formed by the maximum or the week

4) Price breaks and closes below the purple line of the channel, carried out by the movement of prices of last week. Consider options for sales and desirable in the retest of the same channel upwards. Stop-loss — lilac above the trend line as a minimum. Profits — all the same.

Forex forecast for EURUSD

Deal to buy:

1) Closing the daily candle light pink above the trend line + on the possibility of its top-down retest — consider options for shopping. Stop-loss under the purple trend line, take-profit — the yellow trend line, dark pink, purple and blue line of long-term channel (top).

2) Similarly, consider the options for purchases at the close daily candle above the yellow or dark pink trendline. Stop-loss orders at the next level of resistance. Profits — all the same.

3) retest purple black + channel from the top down, but it is desirable and at the close daily candle above them, but if the price has not strayed from the 38.2% Fibonacci + light pink trend line, then you can consider options for shopping, the goal — again same level of 38.2% + light pink, well, maybe more …

4) retest the background green channel from the top down, there may purchase stop-loss — below the dark green line of the channel. Profit — Fibonacci levels from the last downward movement (if it is of course), until the black line of the channel. Then I think next week the price will not go away …

While this entire forex forecast for the situation that I see as the formation of signals of the week do not forget to find them yourself!

Original: Forex forecast EURUSD (January 30 — February 3, 2012)

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