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Forex Strategy «Crushed trend»

Forex Strategy «Crushed trend» — to the simple strategy of ugliness, but nevertheless provides an opportunity to get a good forex trader profit when trading using only 2 indicator and trend line Demark. Set the schedule for the chosen currency pair following indicators Forex (all of them are present in a standard set of MT4 […]

Forex Strategy «Keltner Channels»

Forex Strategy «Keltner Channels» — a very powerful and is a simple trading system that helps a trader forex clearly: when the market presence of the trend, and when the Flat and, if properly used, allows you to take profits from the market permanently. Multicurrency strategy and works on any taymfreymah, but H1 and preferably […]

Forex Strategy «3-ducks»

Forex Strategy «3-ducks» very simple and easy to use, like the majority of trading systems it is more productive in situations when prices move in a certain direction — for the trend, rather than in narrow trade corridors. It allows you to quickly determine the ascending and descending oscillatory motion on Forex and make the […]

Forex Strategy «Trading on the levels of»

This Forex strategy «Trading on the levels of» is based on Forex of Perforation and rebound from the critical levels. The essence of this strategy Forex, with trade levels, concluded as follows: If the price of every cannon of a point, the more likely that it cannon from her again, and if probet this point, […]

It’s very simple strategy for the Forex Fractals

It’s very simple strategy for the Forex Fractals is very well suited for the currency pair EURUSD, if you do not fit this currency pair, you can pick up and any other pre-look at what is happening on the charts after the fractal at the Daily interval. Terms of Trade on the Forex strategy is very […]

Forex Strategy «High Low»

This forex strategy «High Low» is very simple, but actually it can yield good profits in its trading for traders: The whole essence of this strategy FOREX shown in the picture: Description of the Strategy Forex «High Low»:   From 00.00 hours to see the behavior of prices in the selected schedule forex currency pair […]

The strategy of moving the price of channels

The strategy of moving the price of channels: • currency trading EURUSD (or any other, but with other values of SL) • Period of schedule of 6 hours • indicators used — no • tradable lot — random, but always constant • possible series of losses — 3, size 57 points each • Recommended minimum […]