Forex Strategy Magic shift


Forex Strategy Magic shift — another very, very simple vehicle, which at first glance do not understand how can bring at least some profit, because founded only on the testimony of one indicator — Accelerator Oscillator, shifted in time … But nevertheless the fact remains — the strategy of working and not only brings a stable income and very good (the report of the advisor, see the end of the strategy forex)!

Tradable instruments: EURUSD, the time period: H4

On the schedule set indicator: Accelerator Oscillator (built-in Metatrader 4 — AC Bill Williams)

Terms and Conditions of forex strategy Magic shift:

Conclude a deal only when you open a new H4 candle, looking at the Accelerator Oscillator 61 bars ago. That is, the transaction must be the opposite signal, with a 61-bar back:

1) opens a long position (buy) after the close of the 61 th and at the opening of the 62 th bar, if the indicator value Accelerator Oscillator on the specified parameter in the bar is negative.

2) short (on sale), after the close of the 61 th and at the opening of the 62 th bar, if the indicator value Accelerator Oscillator on the specified parameter in the bar was positive.

Forex Strategy Magic shift


Should always be open only one position, or you are long or short trade deal.

  • When the opposite sign indicator Accelerator Oscillator changed — opening reverse transaction.
  • Stop-loss and no safety warrant such a limit order in the forex strategy is not installed … WARNING — if it is against your rules of trade — do not trade for this strategy! ! !
  • Take-profits in the forex strategy Magic shift, just not installed!


1) For the safety net of your deposit, the position of the signal bar (in this case, 61-second) is needed from time to time (about 1 every 3 months) double-check, just in case he suddenly for some reason stop working or will be, for example not the 61 th and 59 th or 63 th (this is possible, but not necessarily).

2) It is possible to trade for this strategy, forex and other currency pairs, but for them the position of the bar is not much different. The exact value yet, but for the pound-dollar it around the 59 th to the pound-yen — approximately 64 th. (These values are not yet accurate — are being tested …)

3) for this strategy is written and optimized Advisor Magic_shift. It has additional filters and parameters, does not change the essence of this trading system, but would help reduce drawdown and increase the profitability of strategies Magic shift!

прибыльность  по стратегии Magic shift !

By this strategy, forex trading you can buy

Report on Trade Advisor Forex Magic_shift:
Download: Report of the expert advisor Magic_shift from January to December 2009 - for 4 currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY
Currency pair EURUSD:

Advisor Magic_shift EURUSD

Currency pair USDJPY:

Advisor Magic_shift USDJPY

Currency pair USDCHF:

Advisor Magic_shift GBRUSD

Currency pair GBPUSD:

Advisor Magic_shift GBPUSD

Please note: at this time adviser is optimized for 4-currency pairsEURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY! If you want to receiveupdates Adviser - Leave a positive review in the store, without reference to e-mail in the body of reviews! e-mail please indicate on the payment page!

  • When using Magic_shift adviser on several currency pairs, I recommend to reduce the lot in proportion to count traded pairs!

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