Forex Strategy for the 15-minute chart

Forex Strategy for the 15-minute chart, is simple enough. There are 3 major factors that indicate that it is necessary to make a deal.

1 st factor: the direction of the channel and an open position

Channels SHI, which are drawn on the chart automatically, in real time, point the trader the direction in which to conclude a bargain. If the channel SHI has a slope down, then you need to sell a currency pair (to conclude a deal to sell), if the channel SHI is tilted upward, it is necessary to enter into transactions only on a purchase.

Forex Strategy for the 15 minute chart

Feature — If SHI channel is narrow, it is not necessary to conclude the transaction!

If the price goes beyond the constructed channel SHI — trading positions do not open at all (and the open trading positions held). In this case, you must wait until a new channel formed.

2-th factor. Entering the market and exit from it.

Remember: trade positions are opened only in the direction of the slope of the trade channel!

1) Forex Indicator — I_trend. If the red line crosses the green line up — a sell signal. Green crosses the red down — conclude a deal to buy.

2) Forex Indicator — La Guerre. Once this forex indicator crosses down the line 0.75, it is necessary to look to a deal to sell. Once the forex indicator crosses above the line 0.15, it is necessary to look for opportunities to conclude deals on the purchase.

3) If the forex — Juice green should hold the position until the opposite side of the channel-drawn, and if it is red, you should close the open position when the midline Guerre (0.45).

Forex Strategy for the 15 minute chart

Additional Forex Indicator — Perkyasctrend1. If you see a pink dot — a signal to sell if there was a blue dot — a signal to buy.MĀ this indicator as an additional signal, but it is not mandatory.

Safety stop-loss should be placed at a distance of 15 items from an open transaction.

Just want you to notice that, if you prefer to trade on Forex on small intervals: 5 min, 15 min. What you need and pick a brokerage company, which will allow you to display the pending orders, or transfer the level of stop-loss close to the market price — for example 2-3 points. As not all are known for DC allow it to do. If you need such a company, I would recommend to choose Forex4you or such Instaforex. Likewise, trading in these companies, you may find it easier to work with pips forex strategy, as well as trade with trailing stop (quickly rearrange the order of zero and treylingovat position).

Forex Strategy for the 15 minute chart

factor. Volatility in the market.
Pay special attention to forex indicator Juice. No need to open a trading position, when suddenly the red histogram. If all the sub at the end of the strategy indicators forex trading signal fed to the input, then the indicator Juice should undertake a final check — to enter the market or not. Histogram for open positions should be green!

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5. Juice

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