Forex Strategy ZL

Forex Strategy ZL designed for the currency pair EURUSD (H1), although the possibility of trade and other intervals of the same currency pair (M30, M15), trade is conducted with the signal indicator forex ZigZag (as forex strategy ZZ) and additional conditions of forex trading strategies, reports on forex advisor, see at the end of the […]

Forex Strategy «Roentgen Elder»

Another strategy forex Dr. Elder «Roentgen Elder» (remember that the earlier we saw 2 of his strategy: Forex Strategy on 3 screens and Forex Strategy» Momentum Elder»), the currency pair can be any recommended timeframe — H1, testing forex strategy was conducted on the EURUSD (H1), USDCAD (H1), GBPUSD (H1), so the reports on these […]

Forex Strategy Magic shift

Forex Strategy Magic shift — another very, very simple vehicle, which at first glance do not understand how can bring at least some profit, because founded only on the testimony of one indicator — Accelerator Oscillator, shifted in time … But nevertheless the fact remains — the strategy of working and not only brings a […]