Forex forecast EURUSD (2-6 January 2012)

Forex forecast for EURUSD currency pair for a week: 2-6 January 2012 + analysis of price movement over the past week (last week of 2011), in accordance with the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategy forex, described in the video course «Safe Forex» (Aleksey Loboda) Recommended Brokers forex MetaTrader 4 Forex Analysis on EURUSD […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

Dear traders, this publication would like to open a new section on the site ANALYTICS FOREX AND FOREX FORECASTS For several months, leading it to its Russian site and it enjoys great popularity. In it, I will analyze the movement of currency pairs over the past week and do the forex forecast for next week and […]