EURUSD Forex Forecast (April 1-5, 2013)

Weekly forex EURUSD forecast for next trading week — April 1-5, 2013, based on the rules and graphical analysis of forex, strategy forex graphics of this site Recommended Brokerage Forex with MetaTrader 4 Policy brief analyzes the closing weeks of EURUSD, relatively important resistance levels: 1) First of all, last week closed the month of March: […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (January 30 — February 3, 2012)

Forex forecast EURUSD (January 30 — February 3, 2012) — forecast price movements on the currency pair for the next week, according to the rules of graphic strategies forex this site, as well as graphical analysis of price movements over the last week of the currency pair EURUSD at intervals from H1 to W1 Recommended […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (9-13 January 2012)

Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week: 9-13 January 2012 + Analytical review the price movement of EURUSD over the last week by the rules of graphic strategies for forex trading and with the help of graphical analysis tools forex (FX channels, trend lines, Fibonacci levels and expansion, etc.). Recommend using templates to the forecast […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

Dear traders, this publication would like to open a new section on the site ANALYTICS FOREX AND FOREX FORECASTS For several months, leading it to its Russian site and it enjoys great popularity. In it, I will analyze the movement of currency pairs over the past week and do the forex forecast for next week and […]

Strategy for forex «Trend Lines»

Strategy for forex «Trend Lines» — yet another multi-currency trading strategy based on graphical representations, in which the indicator forex, reflecting the market situation is the price itself, this vehicle looks like something on the strategy of «3 Touch» and for trade, we need only a trend line and a few rules of the strategies […]

System Forex Strategy

This strategy Forex System, was created to trade on the 4-hour time-frames Used forex indicators and tools: 1) MACD (8,17,9) 2) Stochastic (8,3,3), add the levels of 76,4 and 23,6 3) Tom Demark trend line (Tom Demark Trend Line indicator) — he comes to better identify the current trend in the market. 4) Levels and […]