EURUSD Forex Forecast (10 — 14 December 2012)

EURUSD forex forecast for next week — 10 — 14 December 2012, based on the rules of graphic analysis, graphic patterns and strategies forex this site

Analysis of the closing weeks of the day on Friday, with respect to important price levels (trend lines and channels forex) on the chart of EUR-USD.

1) The week closed spark rebound and sledovattlno spark sales of dark blue trend line. That is on W1 is still candle retest the line for sale!

2) The candle closed Friday just candles in black below the long green line of the channel, while the tail below (prone to roll back up).

The same price last week, though not reached some points to the black line of the channel, but still much closer to him and fell below without rewriting the maximum flag.

All these nuances can talk about 2 probabilities of the market (in my opinion):

1) Turn down the trend, or at least a prolonged correction. The flag did not work (at this point — the maximum is not overwritten), this signal is usually a change of trend.

2) Roll back to «gather strength» and further test the black line, with subsequent breakdown. But this option is only possible if the price will not exceed the lower limit of blue channel Flag.

Now let’s take a closer look still the most important resistance levels for price and therefore sell signals for a possible opening positions:

First of all, I want to add that today the most significant levels of an orange-red triangles, less significant — blue.

Variants of the resistance, located above the closing price of the week:

1) The upper limit of purple channel — is available as hang down and break up will give a signal to the correction of the downward movement, if it is broken like a Tuesday or Monday afternoon. Retest of the top-down — an additional signal!

2) The upper line of the channel lavender combined with a level of 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the downward movement of Thursday-Friday — can be rolled down or keep going down.

3) The green line is the long-term channel — delimiter priorities in the market. Retest is still possible. When approaching from below the level of 38.2 +% Fibonacci — consider sales, especially if the day is closed sliding door stop candle down. Closing of the day above this line + retest her — probably keep going up.

4) The black trend line. Retest after breaking it down was not, therefore it is quite possible. Just interested in the closure of the day on this line. If there is a break up, I still think it is unlikely at this point (although the market all may be …), then try it, closing the day higher and retest — it is a signal to continue the upward movement. Increases the likelihood of rebound down the 61.8% Fibonacci of the total downward movement down and away from the downward movement of Thursday-Friday.

5) The gray line downward trend can be a temporary support or resistance level for the price.

6) Lower brown line channel — a line parallel to the black trend line and may also have a temporary resistance to upward price movement.

7) The upper limit of the blue flag of the channel — it’s still important enough line on the market. Approach to it from the bottom may offer resistance to the formation of the type of correction ABC (so that there can hang down — closing the day care on this line) and as an option — the formation of combinations to break up the black channel. If the price breaks the channel up, closes the day above (possibly retest level is top-down), it is possible to keep going at least to the black line, or 38.2% Fibonacci or census flag high at least.

8) This line price is still not dealt with, but if the price next week will come to her, despite the fact that the release still probably down at least temporarily, but the probability of breakdown is also very high! Just interested in the closure of the day on this line and the best of the week.

Break up and retest — a buy signal.

9) Level of 38.2% + peak census flag — likely hang down (at least to retest black) or a trend reversal.

Options resistance levels located below the closing price of the week:

1) The potential for the movement of the price of course is the first level of resistance — the lower limit of lilac + channel level of 61.8% Fibonacci — can hang up at least temporarily. The breakdown of this line + retest it — the signal for future sales!

2) The lower boundary of the blue channel — top approach suggests that upward price rebound is possible, although the priorities for sales much more. Consequently breakdown down + bottom-up retest — signal for further sale.

3) Purple Line may make temporary resistance to hang up a retest of the channel of the flag. Break down and retest the bottom-up — a sell signal.

4) The upper limit of the orange channel is still a strong level for the price, so the approach to the level of the top — it is quite possible hang up, even if it is temporary. Breakdown channel, closing day of the week and better — a signal for further sales.

5) Try and blue trend line, a daily close below + retest — a sell signal.

6) The level of 61.8% Fibonacci of the entire up move up

7) The blue line is the long-term channel — can stop and retest.

That’s all the levels of resistance and sell signals for EURUSD for next week …

  • Download a template for MetaTrader 4 for EURUSD — 9_12_2012_eurusd.tpl (in the archive. If the trend line does not coincide with the schedules of the forecast, then reformats them according to pictures in the forecast)…
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