EURUSD Forex Forecast (11-15 February 2013)

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EURUSD Weekly Forex forecast: 11 — 15 February 2013, based on the rules of graphic strategies forex

A Brief Analysis of price movement of EURUSD over the last week:

1) The week closed a confident black candle sales, below the 50% Fibonacci retracement of blue, which is to say that the rebound from this level yet occurred, as the price has not reached the level of 61.8%. As well as the priority sales presence, although kickbacks up also possible.

2) Day Friday also closed the sale of candles, almost at the minimum of the day, hence the downward movement may well continue, although at present H1 MACD + divergence important trend lines and channels, so kickbacks up quite possible, especially as the trend in the D1-W1 until prevailing upward.

Resistance levels for the price, and therefore the forex signals, to move above the closing price of the week:

1) Light brown trend line for highs Thursday-Friday — hang down from it is quite possible to go down, especially since he is on Friday at the close of the candle has occurred partly. The breakdown of this line — signal for the correction to the downward movement down Thursday-Friday.

2) Break light brown trend line upward to exit above the top of the brown trend line (symmetrical triangle) — a signal to buy, especially if there is a retest of this line from the top down. If the price does not come out above the brown line, and it is possible to retest the bottom and forming a reversal candle — a sell signal.

3) The upper red line down the channel (approach from below) it can be + levels: 38.2% of the move down Thursday-Friday, or 38.2% of the move down from the maximum of 1.3710 or purple trend line — is a signal to retreat, as this third-touch price. But if the price breaks through the red channel line up, preferably locked H4 candle or a day and retest occurs from the top down — it is a signal to buy.

4) congestion zone Fibonacci 38.2% of all corrective movement in the red channel + 61.8% of the move down Thursday-Friday — subject to a minimum of down time otboi.

5) The purple trend line — the approach from below + desirable level of 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the Red — a signal to retreat down. The breakdown of this line and retest the top — a buy signal.

6) The Census maximum 1.3710 — may at least temporary setbacks.

7) The 61.8% Fibonacci Blue — 1.3822 (already talked about it in the past forex forecast for EURUSD).

Options resistance levels located below the closing level of the week:

1) The lower boundary of the channel pink — is the destination channel, 4th approach, but still hang up is possible, although it is better to enter into transactions for the purchase and wait for a reversal or at least a combination of rebound. This breakdown of the channel is also possible, so it retest the bottom up — the signal for further sale.

2) The lower limit of the red channel + desirable level of 38.2% Fibonacci green dotted (ie around the upward movement after the retest orange channel — 1.2662) + 23.6% Fibonacci Violet (minimum of upward movement — 1.2662) + brown line symmetrical triangle bottom. Hang up on them up quite possible, as the closure of the day care, the levels! Break down the red line of the channel + brown and retest the bottom-up — a signal for further downward movement.

3) The blue line is the trend — in fact it is the third approach to the price line and the price to above it, the trend is still upward, so the approach to it — a signal to hang up, especially if it is a level of 61.8%, and the blue dotted Fibonacci. But if price breaks it immediately or will be consolidated to touch him — the breakdown and retest of the bottom-up experience as a sell signal. Just as interested in closing days and weeks on this line.

At this point, I think this line target for downward movement.

4) The gray dotted line channel can also serve as temporary resistance to price movements. The principle is the same …

5) Orange Line Channel — it is also very important line (!), So the third approach to it — it is quite possible hang up + interested in closing the day on this trend line. Break down + closing day of the week following a retest + — sell signal!

6) zone clusters Fibonacci 38.2% Purple + 61.8% green dotted — it’s quite an important level and hang up for at least D1 is possible.

That’s all the levels, lines, areas of resistance at this point, and therefore the entire forex forecast for the week.

Just do not forget to view comments to the prediction of the week, sharing his observations on the site as well as in private chat on Skype, which is next week should start guessing …

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