EURUSD Forex Forecast (24 — 28 December 2012)


EURUSD Forex forecast for 24 — 28 December 2012, drawn up by the rules of graphic analysis, as well as graphic strategies and patterns of this site

Analysis of EURUSD over the last week:

1) The week closed with a small white candle body and a long tail on top — presumably prone to spark sales, or at least to roll back down (that is, downward correction).

2) Day Friday to close the black candles, also prone to sales.

What should I pay so much attention, it’s the closing months approaching, though it will be close and not next week, but still draws new calendar year and the next week at a Catholic many days off because of Christmas. Week so it may be a fairly calm — there will be a Flete and fairly aggressive (will be closing positions of major players), and therefore the price can break through the different levels due to the lack of players in the market.

So to trade with extreme caution until the end of the year and if close deals, only at a very good signal and confirmed many times!

Yet it should be noted that the market is expected to be closed for a year buy candles with a long tail bottom and white candles (though not at the peak of the day), so if this situation will not be beneficial to someone of the major players and market makers, they will try to lower the price of the euro, though I suppose that it is the fastest they will not be able to do so quickly …

Of all the above-described, we can assume that the price will still be pursued in the next week more to selling than to shopping and I personally think that the closure at the level of the purple or black trend line of the channel would be quite reasonable for future purchases at the beginning of 2013. But do not judge me … As always consider the options of price above the closing price as of the week, and below the levels of resistance and perceive as options signals the presence of confirming signals.

Variants of the resistance levels are located above the closing price of the week:

1) Pink line trend and this is also the line 2.4 bull wave Wolf, so if the price breaks the line and it is good if it is retest, it is a buy signal with the immediate goal — the upper limit of the orange channel.

If the price is testing the bottom of this trend line and price breaks the orange line of the channel bottom and closes an hour below it — this is a signal for further sales.

2) The upper limit of the orange channel — is available as a temporary retreat and break up. From the close of the day on this line of the channel and will depend on sensible price movement. Sample and retest the top — consider buying.

3) The upper limit of dark pink channel — quite a serious level and is approached from below can roll back down, but struck up a most likely (though not the first approach the price). Interested closing days and weeks on this line! Break up and retest the top-down — a signal for further purchases.

4) Remaining 50% Fibonacci Blue + brown line channel bottom (it retest) + red trend line — a clear signal to roll back down, and I think the higher the price this year is not going, so do not consider further options.

Variants of the resistance and signals for transactions located below the closing price of the week:

1) Orange Line channel bottom (part I have described it above), but if the price approaches the line on Monday and Tuesday, on the same level is a level of 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the entire up move with a minimum of 7 December 2012. Therefore quite possible rebound up from this level.

2) Purple Line also in force, although I did not stand out, but we are interested in the closure of the day about her!

3) The lower boundary of the channel deep pink — quite possible hang up, especially if the price will come to the line on Monday and Tuesday, and the same black line channel. The breakdown of this channel in the days of the week + retest of the bottom-up — consider options sales.

4) The black line is the upper limit of the channel flag + + level of 38.2% Fibonacci of the whole movement up after retest orange background channel. Approximately at the same level and there is a dark blue long-term trend line (with respect to which we are interested in closing weeks and months).

Approach to the accumulation of these levels would think the price jump up, but if the day closes below, then consider options for closing deals. Closing of the day below these lines + retest their bottom-up — a sell signal.

5) Green Line Canal + level of 61.8% Fibonacci — can hang up. The breakdown of this line + closing days and weeks following better retest + bottom-up — consider further sales.

6) The lower boundary of the channel background of blue — a similar situation.

Next do not see the levels of resistance, as it implies that the price will not go lower next week.

As for me, then I most look forward approach is to retest prices background blue channel Canal + black line to be able to make a deal to purchase, although embarrassing one fact — the closure of the year … But still it is a good signal, and also interested in the breakdown of the upper limit orange channel for the future prospects of upward price movement. That is in spite of the possible rolling back down, I still follow the priorities of purchases in the medium term.

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