EURUSD Forex Forecast (4-8 March 2013)


EURUSD Weekly Forex forecast: 4-8 March 2013, indicating significant levels of resistance for the price, based on the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategy this site

Policy brief closing weeks of the currency pair EURUSD:

1) The week closed with black candles, but not at least a week, and with the lights out on the retest of the upper line of the flag on the D1.

2) Day closed candles black, but with equivalent tails above and below, from the body.

I can say, in general on the situation in the market EURUSD, number of trend lines and channels forex turned to next week so much! Which suggests that the price included in the zone of resistance that can move from one line to another and depending on how the prices avedet themselves on the line and will depend on further progress.

Set clear priorities for the movement of the next week I can not … I certainly choose the most important line, but there is a zone of uncertainty in the graph from the lower trend line lilac to violet + red trend lines.

That is, I would recommend buying at least break up the purple trend line or red + purple. And sales, below the red trend line (and the closing of at least H4-D1 candles)!

The resistance levels are located below the closing price of the week:

1) Lilac trendline — retest its top-down + 61.8% from last Friday’s upward movement — can buy, as the day closed up purple.

Break down the line + preferably a daily close below or at least H4 candles hang down — a signal to sell.

2) The blue line is the channel — a similar situation — the approach above — can be a release, but I think only temporary. Break down the channel + retest the bottom-up — a sell signal.

3) The black line is the long-term channel — an important level! Therefore it is quite possible to hang up. Interested closing days and weeks on this line.

Break down, closing the day + retest of the bottom-up — a sell signal.

Variants of the resistance, located above the closing price of the week:

1) Red + green trend line of the small channel Channal + retest brown — may move down. While I repeat — for me — is still uncertainty in the market area.

Break up the lines + retest top down — a buy signal, but again with a small chance to go up.

2) The purple trend line — bottom-approach is quite possible rebound down, as it is the third touch prices.

The breakdown of this trend line upward to retest the top-down — a clear signal for laying up move.

3) The red trend line in the second half of the day on Monday and on.

Break up retest + is desirable prior day closing above this line — a buy signal.

4) Bottom line background blue channels — interest relative to the closing of the day. Break up + retest — a buy signal. Approach from the bottom level of + 61.8% Fibonacci gray — can hang down at least temporarily.

5) The blue line is the channel bottom approach — can hang down, for example, to retest the punched background blue color channels.

6) The green trend line: an approach from below — can hang down, as it is the third approach price. Break up + retest — a signal to buy, the most important of the above described.

7) 38.2% Fibonacci dotted red + blue dotted retest channel — a signal to sell, or a temporary retreat.

8 ) brown upper trend line: an approach from below — a signal to retreat, breakdown + retest — a buy signal.

9) congestion zone Fibonacci 38.2% green + 61.8% Fibonacci red dotted orange + channel — the signal to retreat down! Interested closing days and weeks on this line.

Line break, closing the day at least above + retest of the top-down — a signal to buy.

10) blue trend line level + 61.8% Fibonacci green — can hang down or rolled back.

Break the blue trend line upward to close the day above + retest — a signal for further upward movement.

At this point, all the levels of resistance in the weekly forex forecast EURUSD, because I do not think that the price will be released next week, above or below them.

As for my personal opinion, I believe that the closure Friday to a possible upward correction for the whole movement, but do not rule out another move down to the black line of the channel. All movement below the green trend line + blue background channel — is still viewed as a corrective movement to the downward trend.

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