EURUSD Forex Forecast (5 — 9 November 2012)


Forex forecast for EURUSD for next week — 5 — 9 November 2012

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As always, we analyze the closure of the week on important price levels in the chart of the Euro-dollar, to understand what is going on large intervals and what priorities are present.

1) Last week, the month of October closed, the candle was closed below the blue line of the long trend. Hence it is closing retest the bottom-up-for-sale, after the breakdown of the trend line.

2) The week closed a confident spark sales, almost minimum candles.

3) The candle closed Friday as well spark sales at its minimum.

Based on the above-described, we can assume that the priority sales still is present, but purchases from major lines and levels below the close of the week we will not be ignored!

Now let’s take a closer look at options for deal-making and resistance levels for the price, if the price moves above and below the closing weeks.

Options resistance levels above the closing price of the week:

1) First of all, the price closed above the red long-term trend line, about which we are concerned with the closure of the day and week.

Since the price went up to the 3 lines — the red trend line is the bottom line of brown + channel + purple line the small channel, then hang up quite possible, at least temporarily.

2) The purple line the small channel, if it is a retest of this line + pink and hour or 4 hour candle closes below these lines, the fastest it will be a signal for future sales. Break pink + purple + retest their top-down — a signal to buy.

3) Gray trendline + level of 38.2% Fibonacci orange or purple — consider options sales. The breakdown of this line up + retest — a buy signal!

4) the level of 38.2% Fibonacci red — possible otboi down, at least temporarily.

5) This is the Fibonacci level upper limit of brown + channel — consider selling (this is the third approach to the price of the channel). The breakdown of this line + desirable closing date and retest the top-down — a signal to buy!

6) The blue line is the long-term trend — primarily concerned about its closing day, and preferably even weeks.

Also this signal can be matched with the 61.8% Fibonacci red — it’s just a sell signal, especially if the price after release from this Fibonacci level is below the blue and it will retest the bottom-up.

7) The brown line channel bottom — retest for sale is still in effect, when prices approach the bottom. Sample and retest the top-down — can buy.

8) Green long-term trend line — just interested in closing days of the week and on this trend line.

9) The upper limit of the blue background channel.

10) Black long term channel line (interesting closing days and weeks).

Options Signals EURUSD, concerning the important resistance level prices, located below the closing price of the week:

1) Red long-term trend line, above the forecast already described, that it is possible hang up. If the day closes lower, it is a bottom-up retest, then consider options sales.

2) The bottom line is brown canal may otboi up at the approach to the line from the top, at least temporarily. In the breakdown of the channel down and retest, consider further sales.

3) Bottom line background blue channel. It is quite possible hang up the forex strategy «Flag + ABC», although I guess that this rebound may be temporary and the price could drop below — to retest orange background channel. If the price bounces from orange channel, 38.2% Fibonacci and again breaks up the blue channel of the background, as well as going on a daily close above this channel and its retest of the top-down — it’s a buy signal!

Sample and retest the bottom-up line background blue channel — consider sale to — 38.2% Fibonacci and retest the top orange background channel.

4) 38.2% Fibonacci brown from all the recent upward movement with a minimum of 24.07.2012 year

5) Background Orange Channel — approach from the top is quite possible hang up. Interested closing days and weeks on this channel.

Break down the channel, the closing of the day inside the channel and its retest of the bottom-up — are considering selling.

6) level of 61.8% Fibonacci brown.

7) blue retest channel top — consider buying. Just interested in the closure of the day and week, with respect to this line. Break down, closing the day below and retest of the bottom-up — on sale!

At this point, it is all the forex forecast for EURUSD…

Download a template for MetaTrader 4 for EURUSD — 4_11_2012_eurusd.tpl (in the archive. If «get off» trend lines, channels, then reformats them according to pictures in the forecast)

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