Forex Strategy «Sandwiches on three screens»


Forex Strategy «sandwich on three screens» represents a kind of «salad» of different strategies and one of them trading system 3 screens, trading strategy, we need to open a 3 screen: H4, H1 and M5, and receive a confirmation signal to the opening of the transaction at all in the same direction. Currency pair — any.

1) Screen H4 — will trade in the direction of the exponential moving average EMA (20), apply it to a close. If the price will be higher than the EMA (20) — the deal open only to buy if the price is below EMA (20) — open only to the sale transaction.

Forex Strategy "Sandwiches on three screens"

2) The 2-m screen — H1 (a major), we determine the trading signals with crossing moving averages of EMA (5), EMA (10) and EMA (15), use them still need to close.

Open’ll deal to buy if the EMA (5) crosses the EMA (10) and EMA (15) upwards.

And accordingly we will open a transaction for the sale, if the EMA (5) crosses the EMA (10) and EMA (15) top to bottom.

Forex Strategy Sandwiches on 3 screens

3) Once the signals appeared and matched in the direction of the screen H1 and H4 — turn on the 3rd screen (M5) — conclude a bargain.

Transactions for sale:

Do not forget — if you are seeing on the 2 nd screen trading signal to sell (it must necessarily acknowledge signal to the range H4).

On the touch screen M5 look at the cost of the upper limit of the price channel Bollinger (in that case, if the price is between the median line and the upper boundary of the Bollinger), or contact with an average price line (if the price is between the middle line and the lower boundary of the Bollinger) .

Sandwiches on three screens

Transactions for BUY — the opposite rule.

Stop-loss orders are placed above the local maximum (for sale) or lower than local Minima for purchase.

Take-profit is not set, and the closing trading positions after the moving average EMA (5) moving average crosses the EMA (10) and EMA (15) in the opposite direction.

When you trade for this strategy you can use a trailing stop in order not to give the market profits.

  • For ease of installation of all indicators forex, I recommend to download a template for Metatrader 4 — 3_ekrana_buter.tpl
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