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  • I’m from Ukraine, so my English may not be very good… Sorry, but dared to write in English because believe that the main core of strategies for forex, but he who needs the information can understand it anyway.

 Тrading in the Forex (on real accounts) took from 2005 to the present day.

In his experience I know that earnings in the Forex — no easy task!

Therefore, knowing how a newbie trader difficult start to earn a steady Forex, decided to set up a website is a free directory of strategies forex closed. In this directory you can find a Profitable Forex strategy, which ultimately will help you get a regular income or additional income, trading on FOREX, CFD, Futures:

— At this site you can easily find and choose a suitable strategy for forex;

— On the Top Forex brokers (dealing rating points) can choose tested by me personally Dealing Center and become familiar with the terms of trade best forex brokers, working for one of the most innovative trading terminals metatrader 4 (mt4);

— Just for your best selection of useful links for forex trader (mechanical forex trading system (trading robots forex) and advisors forex, as well as indicators for forex).

— And of course on the site you will find a lot of other useful information on forex trading and for traders, trading in financial markets! 


Sincerely, the author of the catalog forex strategies, Alexei Loboda

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