+362,72% in 24 months: Test of the «TR-Gold» strategy for gold — XAU/USD (D1+H1)

Test of a simple forex strategy «TR-Gold» based on SMA200 signals with dynamic lot trading.

Currency pair — XAU/USD (gold), interval D1+H1. A detailed description of the trading system can be found at the link above.

Profitability schedule of TS «TR-Gold» from December 1, 2017 to December 1, 2019 inclusive (exactly 2 years):


The chart is ascending, there are drawdowns, but within the limits of the received profit.

See the table below for detailed statistics of this test for all transactions of the trading system:


Report on all concluded deals for the entire testing period:


Total transactions — 14. Profitable — 6. Unprofitable — 2, the rest — breakeven.

Video on the test of the «TR-Gold» strategy with comments:

If you have questions about the test or strategy — ask in the comments.

Conclusion: profit for 24 months amounted to +362.72% for the XAU/USD (gold) pair, therefore the strategy is quite working, but do not forget that we chose the lot — dynamic, and so the same strategy is Daily, so transactions will have to wait a very long time. With a fixed lot, the profit will be slightly less.


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