Forex Strategy Binario


Forex Strategy Binario based on entering the market at the breakdown and trend-following, it can be used for trading on H1 and all other time intervals, a more useful it can be for beginners, because is a very simple strategy forex.

Basically, the strategy Binario tested for the currency pair GBPUSD, but I think it may well be used for all other currency pairs with absotyutno equal share of success.

At the time (H1) schedule for the chosen currency pair must be applied to «Lines Binario«, which are the two moving averages:

exponential moving average with a period of 144 price peaks (applied to the High) — EMAH 144.

exponential moving average with a period of 144 on minimum prices (apply to Low) — EMAL 144.

Forex Strategy Binario

These moving averages EMA will enable us to find short-and medium-term trend in the market.

Basic rules for transactions on forex strategy Binario:

Forex Strategy Binario

1. Wait until the price will be in the lines of Ryan «Binario», and then expect a price break one of these lines.
2. Set aside a warrant BuyStop up 25 points value of the spread above the top line Binario.
3. Set aside a warrant SellStop up 25 points srpeda value below the lower line Binario.
4. Safety stop-loss for a trading position for the purchase place by 1 point below the bottom line Binario.
5. Safety stop-loss for a trading position in the market place by 1 point above the upper line Binario. To adjust the stop-loss orders of open positions using trailing stop (the quantity and pitch depending on the selected interval and the currency pair).
6. Set the level of TP (take-profit) — or standard value (eg 100 m), or set at important levels, or Fibonacci extension.
7. Trading position should always be adjusted when you change the values of moving averages EMA.
8. Exit the trade position occurs when the target of profit of any stop-loss order.
Trade Forex Strategy Binario
Trade Forex Strategy Binario
Remarks: This forex strategy Binario — is a strategy of following the trend, so it is based on catching the large trends. Based on this small losses may be davolno often, but skip these losing trades can not be — otherwise you risk to miss a trend, which is more than compensates for all the damages received!
Statistics on forex strategy Binario (click on pictures to enlarge — opens in new window):
Statistics forex strategy Binario
Statistics Forex Strategy Binario

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