Forex Strategy in order to unlock Оrders


Forex Strategy in order to unlock orders — this trading system is very simple and can be both the medium and long enough (we sell it will be for the purpose of paragraphs 200-300), the fastest, it is even just a method of money management than most forex strategy, but nevertheless the strategy trades a trader friend of mine is not the first year and thus earn a living.

To some extent, I even was at the beginning of his career trader — a mentor who brought him to the forex and gave the most basic knowledge of trade and the market itself. Nevertheless, he found his way to trade the forex market, which fits him best for his lifestyle and that’s him and he should be!

Just want to warn you that no records with the real account will not be because This trader wished to remain anonymous, and no evidence, etc. their trade to provide the same did not want to and maybe even will not respond to questions posed to him on the site (because he shared his strategy with me only because of respect for me personally and spend time discussing issues not want — his interest to do so). Therefore will have to believe me and he is only a word …

Just once I want to warn you that I personally am not a lover in order to unlock orders, and I think it’s better to trade with a stop-loss, use correct Money Management, and try to enter the market with minimal risk of loss and alleged knowingly garazdo greater profit!

Nevertheless, Forex Strategy on orders in order to unlock profitable to my colleague — a fact which means she has a right to exist and it is possible that it will allow someone on this site as a profit on forex!

The strategy in order to unlock the forex orders is very simple, but suitable mainly for traders who know how to wait (and most even imagine themselves as investors, not short-term speculators):

1) trade is carried out mainly in the intervals of the H4 and to the weekly charts (W1). Although if you wish, you can trade and at smaller intervals, but still better fit H4, D1

2) Under each deal with a warrant in order to unlock allocated a separate merchant account (preferably) or part of the deposit.

Moreover, if you can afford to trade forex with a deposit of $ 10000, you should not use them all under one transaction, and for this strategy, forex, or to distinguish the transaction, such as $ 500, open a separate trading account (if possible) and sell this sum. Earned, doubled-tripled the deposit — deduct income and again sell these $ 500, or removes all the money and open another trading account in the same amount or slightly higher amount.

3) we find significant levels, from which presumably the price will rebound, or will the trend reversal in the near future. It can be:

  • fundamental data (recommendation of prominent financial analysts and banks, who say that the price is expected to be corrected on the level, eg 1.31 for EURUSD or the like)
  • Important Fibonacci retracement levels on the recent completion of movement
  • Important historical highs and lows
  • Important levels, support and resistance lines, lines important price channels, etc.
  • Psychological price levels
  • Well, or you simply open the transaction in the direction of the main trend in the forex market

A few more words about why we must take important levels and the interval H4, D1: Trading on the important levels, you get a great likelihood that the price is still too early or too late to return to this level and you can earn on this transaction, the intervals H4 and D1 — because on these intervals still garazdo easier to sell, and if the signal appears at the opening of the transaction, then it is quite important, and the likelihood that he will fulfill the same garazdo higher than at smaller intervals.

4) Conclude a deal at this level in the desired direction in this volume, so you have enough collateral to warrant the opening of the reverse + minimum allowable drawdown and do not put a stop loss, and at the desired level, put back the warrant the same amount of

Types of orders can be absolutely any: Limit, Stop, opening trades at a market price

Consider this example:

Suppose you deposit $ 5000, leverage 1:200 in the account, so if you open a 1 lot trade on the currency pair EURUSD, then you bail is 670 $, hence the opening of the 2 nd — reverse order through the 200 points you need more maximum of $ 650-700 + slump 200 points x $ 10 = $ 2000.

Ie at the opening of the 2 nd in order to unlock a warrant on your account will free funds: 5000 — (700 +670 +2000) = 1630 $ — means that you this amount would be enough to trade in such volume of transactions.

Forex Strategy in order to unlock Оrders - important level

Figure 1. Breakdown of an important historical levels.

Explain why the level is important: we have seen a pronounced move downward, we build on it Fibonacci, we note that the price level jumped from 38.2% to adjust, but nonetheless the price is not copied at least a downward movement on the daily chart, the price again turned around and went up to the level of correction that started at 38,2%. Breaking through the price level attempted to test the maximum prices for 38.2% of top-down, bounced back up from it — then watch the picture below:

Forex Strategy in order to unlock Оrders

Figure 2. Conclusion of a deal to retreat from an important level.

Because we trade on daily chart and see that the price has not gone down and the black candle (second) has been rewritten and white, although she still has not closed (to the right of the transaction, you must wait until the closing day of the candles, but for clarity, because I can not wait for when (a strategy I publish now) and we are in trading can sometime make a mistake, for this and put a warrant in order to unlock) — we conclude a deal to buy and assume that the price will go further (eg to the upper green rectangle in Figure 1 ), since We stop losses do not put in this strategy, then set back an order to sell and give the profits to grow, although the deal is already profitable at the moment, but we close it will only work if the profit, presumably at the level of 61,8% Fibonacci or close the deal on their own, but at a profit of at least 1.5 — 2 times larger than the area «in order to unlock the stop-loss» if the market does not go in our direction and begin a long correction.

Here are some thoughts should be in your head when making a deal …

But since you have to remember that not all forex brokers allow you to open in order to unlock a warrant on one currency pair and if it is allowed, it is not necessarily the margin at the opening of the 2 nd order will be 100%, and may be less garazdo that in our case is even better because bail in this case will garazdo less!

Credit is leverage when trading forex strategy for warrants in order to unlock better to take the maximum allowed by your Forex broker, such as 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000!

5) If the price has gone in your direction - forward and give INCOME just grow! — And this is a very important condition for this strategy because if you pipsovat and try to get 20-30 points, but at the same time in order to unlock the lot will be at a distance of 100-200 points — then this trade you will necessarily lead to long lokam!

Presumably the desired profit should be at least 2 times more subsiding parts. For example, if the warrant is back at 200 points, then enter the market only when the presumed profit should be 400-600 points. Otherwise — it is better to refrain from trading!

Although we do not forget to close the deal on the same critical levels, etc. If you prefer, you can close part of the deal on your desired level or major Fibonacci levels, as well as rearrange the transaction in the break-even level during the passage of 300-500 points, for example. In such cases the reverse order to remove (the permutation to breakeven) or reduced to the amount equal to an open warrant (at the closing of the profits)!

If the price turned around and worked in order to unlock order — do not worry — we must now wait and watch the market, after the formation of a pronounced pivot combination in our direction (retreat from the important level, the formation of an explicit trend in our direction) if the price will come back to the starting point Opening the 2 nd order — we are 2 nd order closes at zero «and then wait until the price goes in our direction and are preparing to open a reverse order, if necessary …

Of course you can wait a long time — several days a month, a few months, a few years … So, my colleagues open a LTC in 2008 and to this day the price has not returned to the point. In fact, the sum of just hung in the market, but to close the data in order to unlock a warrant does not make sense, too: spovy small enough to remove and when you close the localization, we will simply lose the value of our authorized drawdown, ie, stop-loss, exhibited reverse orders.

It is for this reason, and must share the information available to you the amount into several accounts, one by hanging, 2-nd gives money and ultimately profits anyway overrides even «hung in the market amount.»

So for more than 2 years, my colleague argues that the hanging had only 1 POC (which I wrote above,) and closed only 4-5 losing trades independently, the sum of $ 300-400 each, but the magnitude of losses in several time (and perhaps ten times) smaller profits.

That is, in principle, and the whole strategy of forex in order to unlock orders!

The only wish: I recommend to practice on a demo account forex trading before you decide to trade for it. And of course you will have to accept the fact that any amount you can hang indefinitely in the forex market!

So once again consider whether this strategy suits you upon your trading style before you use it well and do not forget that all the transactions in the forex market are associated with risk of loss of your money first, and only then with the profits that you can get!

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