Forex Strategy «Trading on the back»

Forex Strategy «Trading on the back» is intended for trading the currency pair EURUSD (M5) or GBPUSD (M5) and allow you to earn about 300 pips per week on regular trade, due to the complex signals of the most popular Forex indicators: MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, 2 -s moving averages and the rules of entry and exit.

So choose a chart of the currency pair EURUSD (M5) or GBPUSD (M5) and install it:

1) Indicator MACD (38, 120, 20), applied to a close

2) EMA (50) — exponential moving average with period 50, applied to a close

3) EMA (200) — exponential moving average with a period of 200, applied to a close

4) Indicator Stochastic Oscillator (14,3,3), the method MA — Simple, prices Low / High.

You can also use indicator + Stochastics (MTF_for M5). Ex4 for clarity viewing Stoch simultaneously on the M5 and M15 (you can download it at the end of forex strategy).

5) If you prefer, you can also use indicator # KG Support and Resistance Alert_Revision 2.ex4, who can point you to the nearest local minima and maxima (allows you to easily determine the level of prostonovki stop-loss if you do not know where you install it ).

For trade best fits the time (though not necessarily stick to it): from 5 pm to 8 GMT on GMT and 11:00 GMT on 15 of GMT, as the most active trading hours forex trading.

So let’s see how we enter into transactions in accordance with the rules of this forex strategy.

Conclude a deal to buy if the following conditions:

Forex Strategy "Trading on the back"

1) The MACD has crossed its zero level and is above it.

2) The moving average EMA (50) is above the moving average EMA (200) and costs or are moving in parallel rather than convergent or intertwined …

3) Stochastic Oscillator crosses your level 50!

4) Candle moving average crosses the EMA (50) and closes below it. Conclude a deal at the opening of the next candle after candle closing moving averages!

The best option - the intersection of Stoch and candles in the same time (at the close of the same candles), but it can also consider the option of crossing Stoch perdelah 3.1 candles before or after the closing spark breakdown of EMA (50), if the price is not gone more than 10-15 points in the direction of the transaction after all the conditions forex strategy, because stop-loss order will automatically be extended as far as hanging up on the mean …

Stop-loss is set at a distance of 20-30 points higher, or the nearest local maximum.

Once the price went the distance equal to the stop-loss, closing half of the transaction and transfer the remaining 50% of transactions in the level of zero, and further reposition our position on the trailing stop at a safe distance of 20-30 points, or use a trailing stop indicator PSAR (0.2, 0.02). Likewise, if you wish, you can use trailing in PSAR, built-in Universal trailing stop.

Take-profit in the forex strategy can not install, or install according to your desire to important Fibonacci levels, etc.

For transactions on SALE — check the conditions!

Forex Strategy "Trading on the back"

Please note: all indicators forex MT4 template and pre-need unzip!

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