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Trading strategy based on the Trading System Pluto / PlutoStrategy Forex Pluto

Way to trade on the Pluto system, many may seem to some «childish».  But if you plug a little bit of your imagination and fantasy, then this trading system will pleasantly surprise and entertain!!!

And so, Why is Pluto?

Intraday Forex trading is like life on the planet Pluto.
Why do you say?
Because Pluto — the smallest in our solar system, so day and night on it very quickly replaced by each other.
Let us imagine that the planet is entirely built up huge skyscrapers (some kind of giant Manhattan from its poles to its equator). Every day we are seeing wildness of life on this planet.
We are seeing how people perform a walk between the huge skyscrapers from the equator to the poles and in the opposite direction.

Consider the graph:
On the chart MT4 price of gray, as money in the system as such for us is not so important.
Much more important is the price — drawing on our planet.

On the price chart you can see the blue and blue lines. These same lines can be both lateral and vertical.
They are called — Skyscrapers.


Higher prices on the chart you can see the point. These points — rising or setting sun. In further explanation of this strategy we will use the terms «morning sun» (on the schedule orange) and «Evening Sun» (on the chart — red). We can see a lot of «Sunrise» and «Sunset», which is why it was chosen as the planet Pluto (as day and night very quickly replace each other).

The brightness of the sun and its glow:

Between the two suns and the skyscrapers you’ll see a yellow and red line — it’s signal lines. It’s brightness (saturation) of sunlight. Yellow light gives us the morning sun, and red light gives us the evening sun.

Morning Sun:

When the price goes up, there is a rising sun (orange dot). Morning, the rising sun gives us a bright yellow sun (the line between our sun and our skyscrapers), yielding over skyscrapers. This light colors this skyscraper in blue.

Evening Sun:

When prices start to go down, and the sun is purple (in our case — red dot). The evening sun gives us a red light, a red line between the sun and our new office building. Red sunlight while stains our skyscraper in blue.

Magnetic storms:

Always show up when we can see the distorted colors of morning or evening sun (such as the red line the horizon and blue skyscraper, and the like).

Brief summary:

Rising prices mean up the morning sun — orange dots, bright horizon — the yellow line and a skyscraper that shines on our sun (shining in blue).
Falling prices down means the evening sun — the red dots, the dark horizon — the red line and blue skyscraper.

Tropical and Polar circles:

At the same chart we can see horizontal lines. This is — tropical or polar circles. Pivotline — it’s equator, L3 — this is the southern tropic, L4 — this is the southern polar circle, H3 — a northern tropic and Finally, H4 — it’s the Arctic Circle.

VERY IMPORTANT:When they get tired from the heat in the past few days, they try not to go out there the shadows.

the planet Pluto, the farther we go to the South Pole, the less there is sunlight. The farther we go north, the more there is sunlight. When the day starts at Pluto, at the equator-pivotline, life begins to boil. And depending on what is now, the sun or shade, we will see in the previous day, we will go north or south. This is because our people do not have enough sun the previous day and so they want more heat, or vice versa.


Under the skyscrapers are a kind of metro line — 4 lower window (indicators). The first window shows us the inhabitants of Pluto — vertical green or red lines. What is far more people there so much green lines and they will be longer. If there are no people on the planet altogether — there are red lines. 3 lower windows — it is the subway (you would lead the 3 windows with red and yellow lines), which can be quite make our lives easier on the planet Pluto ….
All the inhabitants of the planet Pluto travel only on the subway. What is far more people getting into our underground in one direction, the faster we can get to your destination. Therefore, if we’ll see little people (small vertical lines), and 3 branches of our subway going in different directions (in one window crimson color will be higher than the yellow and the other will be above the yellow magenta), which means that residents of Pluto can not be to decide where do they go.
In this situation, and we do not need to leave home (to bargain).

The main question — How do I trade it all??
How did trade under the laws of life of the planet Pluto?

Because We want to trade only when all indicators point to a true direction we have chosen. From our equator to the poles and more. Or from the back of our poles to the equator and, possibly, to its opposite pole. To this end, our polar and tropical circles Pluto station is located. Tropical community (L3 and H3) — this is the first station, the place where we can find out what happens!

The entrance to the market:

We have 2 options:

1-I) At the first station (L3 or H3) we have to see what happens. Will our metro to go back or go further, to 2-nd of the destination station (L4 and H4)?!?
Inclined to risk forex traders at the time of being on the first station may open a position if they see that rose the morning or evening sun, and our skyscraper has changed its color. This shows us that we are most likely around and go back to the equator, and maybe even go to the opposite station.
Confirmation of these signals could be followed a little later.
Those who are much more cautious in trading on the forex market (like me), it is worth to wait a little while you will not wait for morning or evening sun and the sun the color associated with this horizon, as well as a skyscraper corresponding to a given color of the sun and the necessary number of people at the station , sitting down on the subway in the required direction.
What you will see fewer signals and thus take into account to confirm its trade position, the worse, perhaps it will feel.

2-I) If our metro stops at the first station and preparing to move further. If you see that the subway crosses our tropical lines L3 or H3 (and goes further towards the Arctic Circle L4 or H4), and all our indicators show us movement in one direction, then wait until you see how 2 indicators changed their direction. And then open the stand and put a stop band at the station level L3 or H3 (in our case, the lines in the tropics).

It is very important: at the second station, ie Polar circles (L4 or H4), are exactly the same rules as at first.

Exit the position:

When we leave the trade position open at the first station?
This must be done if you expand the 2 out of 3 metro lines. Or, if you unfold 1 line subway and change the color horizon. So you should wait until you see a reversal, at least 2 important for the trader signals. If you see only a little sun and a unfolded indicator, this is not enough. If you go from L3 to H3 or H3 to H4 and did not see a slowing down, you should stay in your position. It happens not very often, but sometimes.
These days you can easily take from 150-200 points in one trading position.

NEVER SHOULD REMAIN IN THE POSITION, if you change the color of the skyscraper and skyline.
I would recommend to trade only from 10:00 to 21:00 GMT.
Be very careful if you decide to open a position in a magnetic storm.

Time scale and currency pairs:
My nastryki calculated on the prices of the 5 minute chart for the currency pair GBP / USD. In the indicators was included template to monitor vital functions on Pluto. Indicator values have been set just for 5 minutes and the pair GBP / USD. No need to apply it to other currency pairs, and especially to other time intervals.
If you have an interest, then a little later I’ll share the values for the remaining intervals.

All for whom all this may seem a bit complicated, I give the scheme the inputs and outputs of the position.

To be sure of the forex trading signals, you must definitely wait until the candle closes.

And so, the input up (to buy):

On the chart should be:
1) One or two orange dots (Sun)
2) Yellow signal line
3) The blue vertical line is replaced by a blue vertical line

Indicator should be:
4) stepMA_stoch — yellow line above the crimson
5) stepRSI — yellow line above the crimson
6) stepSto — yellow line above the crimson

Log down (for sale):

At grafikedolzhno be:
1) One or two red spots (sun)
2) Red Signal Line
3) The blue vertical line is replaced by a blue vertical line

Indicator should be:

4) stepMA_stoch — crimson line above the yellow
5) stepRSI — crimson line above the yellow
6) stepSto — crimson line above the yellow

What is far more signals at the entrance to the trading position of the points in one direction, the more likely price movement in a given direction to us.

Output from the long (buy) and short (sell) positions:

If at least two indicators (excluding points) will unfold in the opposite direction to the open position.


1) NEVER hold a long position if the blue vertical lines and signal lines red
2) NEVER hold short positions when the blue vertical lines and signal lines yellow
When you do not see a clear set of trading signals — not trade!


That’s such an interesting trading strategy forex trading …
During the translation of this trading strategy based on the indicators, of course I tried to trade on the cent — the account that I opened some of the best, I think learning forex brokers — companies Forex4you, recommend reading the reviews of the company Forex4you.

So during this time I got to take — 30 points.
However, the strategy deserves attention and works well!

Download a set of indicators with a template for Metatrader 4: Trading System Pluto.


To start the test system, unzip StepRSI_v2 follows — urban pluto.tpl deposits of a folder, templates, and everything else that is — in a folder indicators. Then apply a 5-minute GBPUSD pattern emerged. I think you’ll like this trading strategy (trading system) …

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