Forex Strategy «Trade breakthroughs on the news»

Forex Strategy «Trade breakthroughs on the news»: it is no secret that the impact of important news on the forex market is sometimes very large, on this basis, the majority of forex traders generally are always trying to be at the monitor screens to their door, hoping for at least some earnings. I recommend selecting […]

Trading on Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands were invented by John Bollinger in the eighties has 20 centuries and were once the most commonly used tool when using technical analysis. At the heart of the Bollinger Bands — three lines — the upper, middle and bottom. And they are used to identify extreme price values trading tool. What does the […]

Forex Strategy «Sandwiches on three screens»

Forex Strategy «sandwich on three screens» represents a kind of «salad» of different strategies and one of them trading system 3 screens, trading strategy, we need to open a 3 screen: H4, H1 and M5, and receive a confirmation signal to the opening of the transaction at all in the same direction. Currency pair — […]