EURUSD Forex Forecast (11-15 March 2013)

EURUSD Weekly Forex forecast: 11-15 March 2013 based on the rules of graphic analysis, forex, forex strategy website Recommended for forecasting forex brokers with MetaTrader 4 Brief analysis of the closing weeks of the currency pair EURUSD: 1) The week closed with black candles with small body and a long tail on top, presumably spark […]

EURUSD Forex forecast (25 — 29 June 2012)

EURUSD forex trading forecast for next week: 25 — 29 June 2012, according to the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategies forex this site I recommend to choose the forecast Forex Brokers with MetaTrader 4 First of all, analyze the closure last week on important resistance levels for prices: 1) week closed the sale of […]

Strategy of expanding Triangle trade

Dear Forex traders, we now consider the strategy of expanding triangle trade, as well as expanding formations and define the basic requirements for their formation as well as graphic patterns represent a well-established model of forex trading, which allows more likely to assume as a lead market price for the formation of a graphical model […]

Forex Forecast EURUSD (12-16 March 2012)

As always — on Sundays, I offer you a weekly forex Forecast for EURUSD on March 12-16, 2012, as well as an analysis and review of price movements over the past week, according to the rules of charting forex, forex trading strategies of this site Recommended Forex Brokers with MetaTrader 4 Analysis EURUSD over the […]

Pattern of «Brilliant»

Pattern of «Brilliant» — this is a rare graphical model in the financial markets and the forex market, including (sometimes also referred to as pattern «Diamond»), but its correct identification, it allows the trader to forex enough to earn good money, the structure of patterns as well like clear cutting of precious stones, namely that […]