EURUSD Forex Forecast (September 3-7, 2012)

Dear traders, I suggest you my version of the forex forecast for EURUSD currency pair to the next trading week — September 3-7, 2012, which is based on the rules of graphical analysis of forex: I recommend to set the pattern for this prediction to choose Forex Broker with MetaTrader 4 By analyzing the close […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (19-23 December 2011)

Forex forecast for EURUSD currency pair for next week: 19-23 December 2011 + analyst price movements on the currency pair EURUSD for the past week, according to the rules and graphical analysis of forex strategy Aleksey Loboda, described in a practical video course «Safe Forex» Recommended Brokers forex MetaTrader 4 Forex Analytics on EURUSD for […]

Forex forecast EURUSD (5-9 December 2011)

Dear traders, this publication would like to open a new section on the site ANALYTICS FOREX AND FOREX FORECASTS For several months, leading it to its Russian site and it enjoys great popularity. In it, I will analyze the movement of currency pairs over the past week and do the forex forecast for next week and […]

Pattern «Folding Meter»

Pattern «Folding meter» is sometimes also called «3-stage trend line» — a very simple strategy of forex trading (forex model), which is used on virtually any currency pair and is suitable for absolutely all time intervals. This model is a signal of trend reversal, so it is necessary that it formed before taking any action. […]