Strategy Forex «Fox»

Strategy forex «Fox» is quite excessive risks and this fact must be considered when you turn it into your trading set (portfolio) — the ratio of profit / stop loss in transactions is sometimes not in the trader’s favor, but the high accuracy of the signals at the entrance to the market and additional filters […]

Forex strategy «End of Level»

Forex Strategy «End of level» is not some revelation, and even based on the basic rules for trading in the forex market — rebound from the resistance / support level, and the advantage of this strategy is that these levels do not have to look for yourself, all of us It makes the indicator attached to […]

Forex Strategy for 3-EMA + Bollinger

Forex Strategy for 3-EMA + Bollinger works well in any currency pair, for the transaction must first investigate the 2 time intervals: 30 min + 5 min, and then make a decision on the opening of trading positions. Set the following schedule for the selected indicators Forex (all of them are present in the trading […]

Forex Strategy «Keltner Channels»

Forex Strategy «Keltner Channels» — a very powerful and is a simple trading system that helps a trader forex clearly: when the market presence of the trend, and when the Flat and, if properly used, allows you to take profits from the market permanently. Multicurrency strategy and works on any taymfreymah, but H1 and preferably […]