Pattern «Pennant»

Today we look at another important and quite often appearing on the charts forex currency pairs figure charting — pattern «Pennant» bullish and bearish, as well as consider its differences from other, similar to a technical analysis of the figures, their differences and bargaining strategies in the forex market, the formation of the formation. Recommended […]

Strategy of expanding Triangle trade

Dear Forex traders, we now consider the strategy of expanding triangle trade, as well as expanding formations and define the basic requirements for their formation as well as graphic patterns represent a well-established model of forex trading, which allows more likely to assume as a lead market price for the formation of a graphical model […]

Strategy Forex Trendlines

Strategy Forex Trendlines — an elementary trading system, the profitability of which I was simply amazed (see report at the end of this strategy, forex trading, although not final), it uses only a retreat from the trend lines, built on the 2-3 time-frames, and the same rules of entry and exit from it and nothing […]

Forex Strategy «Rooks»

The basis of Forex strategies «Rooks», are graphical representations on the price chart, and to build a «Rooks» a conventional indicator MT4 — ZigZag, as well as standard tools — Andrews’ Pitchfork and Fibonacci (this strategy is suitable for all currency pairs and works at any time frames!) Dealing center — any, but it is […]