Forex Strategy FX Group system


Forex Strategy FX Group system based on signals received from the 2-complex indicators forex, composed of key indicators: Stochastic, RSI, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average (template for Metatrader 4, you can download at the end of the vehicle), its profitability was proved at different time intervlah — from the M5 and above, in addition, this strategy is a multi!

On average, per week is 2-3 perfect signal on the major currency pairs (currency pairs with the USD), but if you sell only to them and use the basic rule of risk management: risk for each transaction is not more than 2-4% the size of your trading deposit, the size of your account on forex will continue to grow.

Trading occurs only from 8 am to 11 am London time (for intervals of M5-M15). For the intervals above the M30 this condition to comply with the fastest will not work.

The conclusion of a deal to buy:

The figure below shows the so-called «ideal» signal for the transaction:

Forex Strategy FX Group system

1) We observe the behavior of the Stochastic indicator in the bottom window of the trading terminal and wait for Education Stoch-Cross. That is the blue line crosses the red and black line from the bottom up.

2) at the same time, all lines Stoch in the middle window of the trading terminal «gathered» into one, or nearly in a line and began to rise, crossing the 6.23 level from the bottom up.

3) It is important that the indicators in both places: RSI and Stoch were oversold, or at least at the bottom of the window display before the formation of a signal to buy!

For transactions on sale — check the conditions:

Strategy FX Group system

Stop-loss is more than 30 items on this forex strategy set is simply not recommended.

Once the size of the profit on the open transaction is just 30 points, stop loss should be moved to breakeven (ie, rearranged in the opening price of the transaction — to zero), as well as 80% of the transaction must be closed! The remaining 20% open transaction must be closed when the arrived in 100 settlements.

  • Download a template for Metatrader 4 — rsi.tpl — note pattern first necessary to unpack!

As you can see detailed statistics about Forex Strategy FX Group system for the last month (opens in new window).

Statistics - Forex Strategy FX Group system

At an initial deposit of $ 1000 (from November 11, 2009), the deposit is increased to $ 8,295 (at 17 December 2009)! — What I personally think even a very good result, despite all of the drawdown, which had been in a month!

By this strategy, forex trading you can buy

Advisor Forex FX Group

Report on Trade Advisor Forex Fx Group:

Download: Report of the expert advisor Fx Group from January to December 2009 — for the currency pair EURUSD (H1)

Currency pair EURUSD:

Advisor FX Group - EURUSD

Warning: There are currently Advisor is optimized only for EURUSD (H1), if you want to receive updates Adviser - Leave a positivereview in the store, without reference to e-mail in the body ofreviews! e-mail please indicate on the payment page!

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