Simple indicators Forex strategy

Simple indicators forex strategy works well on the range of M15, the currency pair can be any;

On the schedule for the chosen currency pair, you must install the indicators for forex trading terminal Metatrader 4:

  • Indicator — Heikin ashi
  • Exponential Moving Average — EMA (5), close — the color blue
  • Exponential Moving Average — EMA (8), open — the color green
  • Indicator — Dinapoli stoch (8,3,3)
  • Indicator — MomentumVT (10)
  • Indicator — QQE Alert v3.

All the necessary indicators, together with a template for MT4 can be downloaded at the end of this strategy forex.

Entering the market for BUY — if all the following conditions:

1) Exponential Moving Average EMA (5) and EMA (8) crossed up.

2) Indicator Dinapoli stochastic just crossed paths up (blue line crossed the red bottom-up)

3) Indicator MomentumVT (10) is above its zero level.

4) Indicator QQE arrow drawn up (possibly even a few bars earlier).

5) bar is painted in white.

Entering the market needs to produce the next candle after all conditions to the transaction.

Simple indicators Forex strategy

Closure of a trading position — as the only indicator QQE alert and moving averages EMA (5) and EMA (8) are fed back trading signals. But since they rarely ring the trading bell at the same time, then close the deal, only in cases where 2, these signals were received.

For SELL — opposite conditions.

A safety stop-loss should be set by local minima (for sale) or maximum (for sale).

Should ignore signals before exiting the important news.

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