Forex Strategy Magic shift

Forex Strategy Magic shift — another very, very simple vehicle, which at first glance do not understand how can bring at least some profit, because founded only on the testimony of one indicator — Accelerator Oscillator, shifted in time … But nevertheless the fact remains — the strategy of working and not only brings a […]

Forex Strategy «Method of triple-A»

Forex Strategy «method of triple-A», the author argues, on average, can earn 600 points every month and it is intended for the currency pair GBPUSD, trade is conducted on the range H4. On the average for each month is about 15 trading signals (their profitability ranges from 500 to 1500 points). I recommend selecting a […]

Forex Strategy AshFX Daily

Forex Strategy AshFX Daily — quite accurate, but at the same time very simple trading strategy to trade the daily range (D1) and in any currency pairs — to trade forex, the following indicators:- Forex Indicator PSAR (0,03; 0,2) — Parabolic Stop and Reverse — Oscillator AC (Accelerator Oscillator) — Oscillator AO (Awesome Oscillator) — […]

Forex Strategy «Spike»

Forex Trading Strategy «spike» is very simple, it is based on three indicators, forex, which are integrated into any platform Metatrader 4: I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4 1. Forex Indicator — Awesome Oscillator 2. Indicator Forex — Accelerator Oscillator 3. Forex Indicator — Parabolic SAR (PSAR) I use in my trading […]