Forex Strategy «Spike»

Forex Trading Strategy «spike» is very simple, it is based on three indicators, forex, which are integrated into any platform Metatrader 4:

  • Forex Indicator — Awesome Oscillator
  • Indicator Forex — Accelerator Oscillator
  • Forex Indicator — Parabolic SAR (PSAR)

I use in my trading terminal MT4, unnecessarily find this more convenient trading platform for trading and market analysis in a single window. Just use it almost all the recommended Forex Brokers (which I recommend to open an account on forex). So all the settings forex indicators in the strategy used by default, which were originally programmed in MT4.

I want to emphasize that this forex strategy works on all currency pairs and for all time intervals.

However, I still strongly recommend to trade on the longest time intervals, and preferably to those couples who have good trends. And preferably, a smaller spread — that is, well suited GBPUSD, EURJPY.

Rules of entry into the market for the trading strategy «nail»:

Open the transaction as soon as all 3 indicators show forex signal at the same candle on the chart. For example, for-sale indicator PSAR should draw a point over the candles, light AO should be red and the indicator of the AU must also be red.

Once this situation occurs, this candle is called the «nail». View trade deal comes after the close of that candle — «nail». That is where the «nail» was discovered, and confirmed all the signals — we start to his score — ie, conclude a deal. Remember — this is an important condition: the opening trade deal until after the closure signal candles — «Nail».

Forex Strategy SPIKE

Consider the example of the currency pair EURUSD, at H1 (hourly chart). Deal open only after, when all 3 indicators forex changed their parameters, and simultaneously on the same candle on the chart. All the other candles are not a signal for entry into the market.

Rules out of the trading position of the trading strategy forex «nail»:

Possible options to get out of the market. It is not strange, but it is believed that the yield of commercial transaction on the forex is the most difficult part of trading. And if you master this skill out of the market, you certainly possess the skill of professional trading.

As for the deal, I mainly use a hard stop-loss, which is mounted above or below the signal of the candle represents a «nail». You can always count on the basis of this desired profit. For example, if your stop loss 30 pips, then the profit may be 30 pips (ie at least 1:1). As you can well use a trailing stop or remain in the transaction until such time as the forex indicators AO and AC did not change their color. Using these rules allows you to trade almost mechanically.

And of course, the most important thing in this strategy, as in all other strategies forex — it’s certainly money management rules. Just advise all strategies to trade on a real account, test, demo account or a cent accounts, as well as the accounts of trade-supporting micro-lots, and only then increase the size of lots traded, an increase in the size of the deposit. Just advise you not to take risks to this strategy more than 2-3% of the capital at the conclusion of a deal.

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