Forex Strategy «Multicurrency»

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency» — indicator strategy forex (currency pair can be any), which was sent Kurakin Paul, trading in the strategy is on the intervals H4 — D1, using the following indicators forex signals: Moving Average, Heiken Ashi, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator. I recommend selecting a Broker Forex with Terminal MetaTrader 4. And so, on the […]

Forex Strategy «Powerful Tool»

Forex Strategy «Powerful Tool» — Not too complicated, but interesting enough forex strategy, which allows to determine quite easily the direction of change the market trend with three lines of candles and with the help of 2 we are already well-known indicators Elder (Strategy Roentgen Elder): BearsPower and BullsPower, to determine more accurately time for the […]

Forex Strategy Weekly / Daily Trend Method

Forex Strategy Weekly / Daily Trend Method is very well suited for those Forex traders who can not dedicate an entire trading day in the form of his employment, you only need once a day to scan your computer for trading signals Currency pair can be any Time interval (recommended): Weekly (W1) or Day (D1). […]

Forex Strategy «Turn Curry»

Forex Strategy «Turn curry» is long and is designed for traders who want to trade in the direction of positive curry (or other Slovan earn raznetse interest rates or in other words to swap). To trade on the forex strategy suitable only Carry-currency pairs, ie currency pairs, which is a big difference in interest rates […]

Forex Strategy AshFX Daily

Forex Strategy AshFX Daily — quite accurate, but at the same time very simple trading strategy to trade the daily range (D1) and in any currency pairs — to trade forex, the following indicators:- Forex Indicator PSAR (0,03; 0,2) — Parabolic Stop and Reverse — Oscillator AC (Accelerator Oscillator) — Oscillator AO (Awesome Oscillator) — […]

Forex Strategy «Daily Fozzy Method»

To trade forex strategy «Daily Fozzy Method» you should choose — day interval, to enable set the selected currency pair (which can be any) Forex Indicator RSI (period 8, close), and then set as an exponential moving average EMA with a period 8 on the forex indicator RSI. To do this in your browser to […]

Forex Strategy «Traffic Light»

Forex Strategy «Traffic Light» is a multi-currency (suitable for trading in any currency pairs) and was designed to trade on the daily (D1) charts, and foundation are the signals of these Forex indicators: HMA modified, Trend Master, RSI Custom, Goldminer 2 You can trade at a lower extent, but the number of false alarms increases […]

Strategy Forex Trend Finder Daily

Multicurrency Strategy Forex Trend Finder Daily is a modification of the strategy Forex Trend Finder 4HR and is designed to trade on the daily chart (D1) For trade must be installed on a schedule chosen currency pair following indicators Forex: 1) Indicator Awesome Oscillator (AO) Bill Williams 2) Oscillator Stochastic Histogram (5,3,3) 3) simple moving […]

It’s very simple strategy for the Forex Fractals

It’s very simple strategy for the Forex Fractals is very well suited for the currency pair EURUSD, if you do not fit this currency pair, you can pick up and any other pre-look at what is happening on the charts after the fractal at the Daily interval. Terms of Trade on the Forex strategy is very […]