Forex Strategy «Multicurrency»

Forex Strategy «Multicurrency» — indicator strategy forex (currency pair can be any), which was sent Kurakin Paul, trading in the strategy is on the intervals H4 — D1, using the following indicators forex signals: Moving Average, Heiken Ashi, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator.

And so, on the daily chart — D1 chosen currency pair are putting these forex indicators (for other time periods set forex indicators may differ and they must pick up yourself):

1) The moving average with period 150, the method — Smoothed, applied to a close

2) Forex Indicator Heiken Ashi

3) indicator RSI (3), add the levels of 80 and 20

4) Indicator Stochastic Oscillator (6,3,3), add the levels of 70 and 30

for ease of installation of all indicators and forex trading, I recommend to use the template MetaTrader 4, which you can download at the end of forex strategy.

Conclude a deal on the SELL if:

1) Price is below the moving average MA (150)

2) Indicator RSI (3) is above its overbought level — 80, punch it down and falls below it on the close of the candle

3) Indicator Stochastic Oscillator (6,3,3) is above its overbought level — 70, punch it down and falls below it on the close of the candle

4) Forex Indicator Heiken Ashi, you can use at will, if using, for transactions in the sale of it should be painted in red

Forex Strategy "Multicurrency"

5) Stop-loss is set above the nearest peak.

6) Take-profit put on request:

— Equal to the stop-loss

Closing of the transaction when a profit equal to the stop-loss, transfer the position to the level of «zero» or put on a trailing stop (if desired you can use Universal trailing stop)

— Close the deal when the Heiken Ashi indicator changes its color to the opposite (for transactions on sale — on white)

7) When trading on the forex strategy, as well as all other forex strategy, I recommend to use the rules of Money Management. And so we should not forget that to earn a permanent basis in the forex can only disciplined trader!

For transactions on the purchase — check the conditions!

Forex Strategy "Multicurrency" - Buy

By this strategy, forex trading, you can download:

Template for MetaTrader 4 — multicurrency.tpl (previously it needs to be unzipped!) This template is suitable for any MT4 broker forex (5-digit, type ALPARI, 4-digit, type FOREX4YOU). See here: How to install the template in MetaTrader 4?

other indicators: Moving Average, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, Heiken Ashi do not spread because they are there by default in any trading platform MT4

Preliminary tests forex strategy «Multicurrency» in 2009.

1) test forex strategy «Multicurrency»- EURUSD (H4)

Test Forex Strategy "Multicurrency" - EURUSD(H4)

2) test forex strategy «Multicurrency»- EURJPY (H4)

Test Forex Strategy "Multicurrency" - EURJPY(H4)

3) test strategies for forex «Multicurrency»- USDCHF (H4)

Test Forex Strategy "Multicurrency" - USDCHF(H4)

Warning: the ultimate test strategy will be available after the advisor forex!

Download: Report of the expert advisor forex — download will be after the adviser.

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