Forex Strategy Forex Smart — 2

Forex Strategy Forex Smart — 2 — indicator forex strategy that works well on the currency pair EUR / USD at an interval of H4, but since the deal did not happen so often, you can sell, and at intervals M15 and H1, sent this forex strategy was Pastukhov Sergei — this is the version […]

Forex Strategy «3 Bars»

Forex Strategy «3 Bar» — a simple forex trading strategy is based on the assumption that, after three successive bull bars (bar closing occurred higher than its opening) in the forex market is dominated by the bulls and therefore the price will continue to grow after 3 consistently bearish bars ( close of the bar […]

Forex strategy «Forex Smart»

Forex strategy «Forex Smart» — a sufficiently powerful forex trading system that is capable of bringing about a month 4000-5000 pips, as in spite of the simplicity of this strategy, forex trading, it really works well and it’s a fact! Trade on it being at 4-hour interval (since H4 interval less volatile than short-term charts, […]

Forex Strategy «Weighted Taylor»

Forex Strategy «Weighted Taylor» — «Weighed Taylor» is based on the use of weighted moving average (WMA) and was designed to trade only on the daily charts, and originally for the currency pair EURUSD. Therefore, you should use it to trade at time intervals of less than D1, but if you do not fit in […]